Culture: How To Lead Change

Culture How To Lead Change

How do you lead change when the folks around you are tuff to lead or work with?
How do you influence company culture when the leadership doesn’t value it?
That’s the topic of The Chris LoCurto Show today.

If you are in a company where the culture is less than ideal…this resource is for you.

Today’s topic was a question by Nick, an AskChris caller.

Nick has a new leader that has a completely different personality style than the previous leader in that role. It sounds like it’s creating some conflict in the organization which includes some “culture shock”.

And it’s leading to some gossip among the staff.

How can Nick influence his new leader and help create a stronger culture? Give this episode a listen to find out.


And…go to and leave any questions you have and we will do our best to answer them on the show.

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