64 | Deciding To Change


Deciding To Change

On today’s show I read three listener emails that have come from our Core Lesson Series.

These are folks who have taken action. They will inspire you!

They took the information and implemented it – they have put it to work.

I have the Core Lesson Series out there for a reason,I want you to change your life.
I want you to change your business and I want you to change your leadership. I want you to make the decision to do the things you need to do in order to gain back time, to make more money, to get better people on board, to understand how to communicate and very high levels.

These lessons are out there for a purpose and that purpose is YOU. But you have to make the decision to put them in place.

There are only a few days remaining to view The Core Lesson Series.
It’s not to late to binge out on leadership training and take your life to the next level.

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Question: Have you made the decision to change?




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3 thoughts on “64 | Deciding To Change”

  1. Have you made the decision to change? Absolutely…on a daily basis. Everytime I think I have it figured out somebody confronts me with 10 more things I still need to grow in. Recently that has been the LoCurto podcasts.

    Here is what I run into and I am sure I am not alone. The practical, concrete, “lets do this thing” next step is not always clear.

    It is so easy to come away from a great podcast, book, or video and be fired up about doing “the thing”. But then not sure what the next step is to achieve “the thing”. So much of the material available is inspirational not prescriptional. Nuance isn’t always my thing. Give it to me straight baby. What is the next concrete thing I need to do cause once I got it I’m all over it.

    Also, the thrill of inspiration lasts till about minute 3 into the workday. And then its gone, lost to the urgency of the moment. Time to get stuff done and inspiration doesn’t cut it when the world is on fire.

    Here is my approach to the problem (perhaps not optimal but I’m going with it)

    I consume a ton of material and am offered lots of advice from various authors. When I see a trend or find a couple of items that really appeal to me I pick one thing, break it down into a couple of next steps and start working on it and just ignore all the rest. (as a side note I don’t make some comprehensive overarching plan because then I would never get to it)

    If I don’t do this the onslaught of info is overwhelming and I just do nothing.

    I suppose a personal coach would be helpful for filtering and accountability. (Despite Joel’s best efforts I’m not there yet personally 🙂 thanks Joel)

    Okay that is it for my guest blog post.

    1. Sounds like you have a good framework for processing info.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Enjoyed your post: 10 Ways to Generate More Blog Traffic

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