29 | Don’t Be Discouraged

Do you ever feel discouraged by family or friends? I have. As I look over my life, there have been many times that someone close to me told me I couldn’t do something. There are enough things in life to challenge you, make sure you’ve got healthy boundaries with negative people.

Separate people in your life into two categories – those that are encouraging and those that are discouraging. Don’t share your dreams or goals or ideas with discouraging and negative people! They’ll just shoot you down.

Instead, surround your dreams and ideas with people that are naturally supportive. Find those people! Not just anyone that will blow your head up with how great you are but someone that you trust and respect. Find someone that you know to be truthful and encouraging so you know they’ll support you or call you out if you’re doing something stupid.

Draw a line. Place people on the side they belong. Even more, check yourself before you wreck somebody else. Are you encouraging to those around you?

Question: Are you an encourager or a discourager?



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14 thoughts on “29 | Don’t Be Discouraged”

  1. Boy I needed that! I was feeling discouraged yesterday…definitely think separating people out is a great idea! Thank you Chris!

  2. Chris – always on point with message and delivery. I need to get ahead of the curve, and do my pre-work for your show (must…order…coffee…) This message is very timely as I am in transition from one project to another – especially given the nature of my new venture : )

  3. Many people on the CLoTribe have told me how much they appreciate my positive attitude, encouragement and support. This didn’t use to be me. I was the world’s toughest critic for many years. I judged and criticized those who didn’t meet my “standards”. I judged people for the way they looked or talked. As I have discovered very recently, I grew up in a very critical environment and a very critical culture and I wasn’t even aware of it. I was judged by the way I looked, how much money I made, what kind of car I drove, my choice of friends… and everyone around me had very high expectations of me. As a results of the many things that I have learned from Chris and the Tribe, I have experienced unbelievable growth. I am able now to give grace, to say kind words, to get excited for other people’s success. It’s very freeing. Now I need to learn how to be an encourager to myself.

  4. I consider myself an ENCOURAGER; the journey is difficult enough as one pursues their dreams or aspirations. Having those around you, particularly those close to you by blood or choice who douse the flames, need to be lopped into the DO NOT TALK TO THEM ABOUT THIS bucket! Good thoughts!

  5. Great podcast. I’m an encourager. A few years ago, as an ESL teacher teaching a highly structured course–same lessons, same homework, same exams on the same day as the course director–my students almost all passed with high grades, while the course director’s mostly failed. My students thought they were in an easier class. The difference? I was their cheerleader, and the course director was always tearing her students down.

  6. Good one. Making me wonder if anyone will comment that they’re a negative person.
    What do you think I am, Chris?? 🙂

  7. Good Podcast. In general, I believe I am an encourager. The delimina I have is your advice about cutting the discouragers our of your life. The main discourager I have is my wife. She has told me to be very careful when I share my dreams with her, and to only share with her the realistics dreams. Another problem related to this is my career direction is changing. I have consistently provided for my family the last 18 years dispite be laid off three times during that time. I feel I am being called to the entrepreneur route and have made some money with that and am also part of a startup now that is on the verge of going big time. At the same time I am working a day job which is paying the bills, but is also starting to go away. My wife wants me focusing on getting another stable full time job and very skeptical of the entrepreneur/startup route. She is very critical of me and does not readily recognized what I have achieved. I can’t just cut her out of my life, so how would one of you manage this situation?

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