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Most leaders are task saturated, overwhelmed, avoiding tough conversations with team members, and feeling like they’re constantly fighting fires.

As a leader, building your ideal culture, tackling tough conversations, and getting more done in LESS TIME sounds like an oxymoron. When it comes to culture: people problems and drama is absolutely painful.

Delegation is a struggle, and some or most of your team members aren’t solving problems for themselves.

We are launching a one-time online event called Elevate Your Leadership to solve the core issues that leaders are dealing with RIGHT NOW.

The event will be held Wed., Oct. 5 from 12 pm CST – 5 pm CST.

To sign up, go to click here now!

If you’re living in what I call The Leadership Crazy Cycle, you’re overwhelmed and task saturated, you have so much to do with so little time to accomplish it. You don’t have time to delegate…you don’t have quality time to hire the right people…you don’t have time for hardly anything other than putting out fires. The Leadership Crazy Cycle is the key thing that is keeping you from greater growth, greater profitability and greater productivity. Don’t live there!

Tough conversations are another key part of this event and something most leaders dread. Tough conversations are avoided when leaders are concerned with conflict, worried how the person will respond, convinced it won’t even help, OR that they may say the WRONG thing causing even more conflict. Does any of this sound familiar?

What about culture? Gah! Complaining, gossip, people drama, lack of ownership, fear. All these things are causing you to actively LOSE money.

These aren’t just frustrating characteristics of a culture, they paralyze businesses and keep them from their greatest productivity while limiting their revenue.

Learn how to lead and get the actions you want…actions that remove drama, grow revenue, build team unity, and create buy-in. This event is centered around solving the very struggles and core issues we’ve just been talking about.

Again, I’ll be teaching 3 core lessons during this event.

1. Core lesson 1: Killing the Leadership Crazy Cycle

If you’re that leader (like most) trying to escape being overwhelmed, you will discover how to prioritize the most important work, hold quick and effective team meetings, and teach your team to solve problems by themselves, so your day doesn’t revolve around fighting fires.

2. Core lesson 2: Tackling Tough Conversations

If you’re a leader dealing with conflict, tough conversations, and other frustrating situations, you need to be at this event. Many leaders will leave a toxic team member in place for months or years before solving the situation because having the tough conversation is so hard to do. Not having tough conversations allows the toxicity to spread like cancer, impacting the rest of the team. I’ll teach you not only how to have tough conversations, but also how not to feel like “the bad guy.”

3. Core lesson 3: Creating A Culture of Champions

If you’re dealing with people drama, gossip, lack of ownership, or feeling frustrated with team members and their lack of buy-in, I will teach you how to have, like OUR culture, a highly productive, efficient, accurate and profitable team. How to cut the junk out quickly, create ownership and buy-in, and how to lead a culture that will have your clients commenting on how they wish THEY had the same culture in THEIR business.

I didn’t just start teaching these lessons. I have been executing them successfully for years! And I’ve seen them work in phenomenal ways with tons of our clients.

These are the top lessons I push for our Next-Level Mastermind clients to solve first, one of which was just named one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. on Inc. Magazine’s list of 5000 AFTER implementing these lessons!

We have seen leaders transform and become less stressed and more productive, while their TEAMS have become less stressed, more productive, and considerably more profitable! These three key lessons are pillars in your business and they impact EVERY…SINGLE…LEADER and entrepreneur.

So grab your team and join me for the Elevate Your Leadership Online event Wed., Oct. 5 from 12 pm CST – 5 pm CST.

To sign up, CLICK HERE.



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