202 | Encore Episode: Creating a High-Quality Culture

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Before we dive into today’s show, we have incredibly exciting news….we’re getting ready to launch our BIGGEST event of the year. It’s our second annual Next-Level Leadership Live Event!!!

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This is going to be a jam packed 3 days looking at making you, your team and your business successful in every area with new perspective.

Now there are folks already on the waiting list for this event…who will be notified before everyone else when tickets are available. Right now, if you want to get on that list go to chrislocurto.com/events!!

I want on the list!

On to our episode! Culture is kind of a big deal around here. I spend a great deal of time teaching entrepreneurs and guiding teams on how to create high quality culture in their organizations. It’s a major component of every business, and it has the power to destroy your company or make you successful. This week we are bringing you an oldie but a goodie and revisiting one of our most listened to podcasts of all time.

INC Magazine invited me to do a talk on culture and those lessons have been available in chapters to blog subscribers. Today, I’m featuring three of the lessons in the podcast.

Question: How Do You Create High Quality Culture?


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Thanks for listening folks!

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