198 | Encore Episode: What You Have In Common With Wine

To understand ourselves and why we make decisions the way we do, we must understand what we have in common with wine. Yes, wine.

On this episode of The Chris LoCurto Show, we’re discussing part viticulture and part life lesson.

In this podcast we’ll talk about:

  • How wine grapes are grown and how this relates to you
  • What makes a great farmer and how that farmer harvests a perfect grape
  • The process of destroying perfect grapes to make great wine
  • How farming and the process of wine making relates to you and your business
  • Your Root System

Viticulture And Your Business

Every great business has seasons, and there is a cycle or process to growth. There are times to take advantage of the sun, the shade, creating boundaries, and making sure things are set up correctly to grow. My own businesses have had moments of destruction to create something new… next thing you know, we grow. For me, I see that as God preparing us.

Just like the wine, there are seasons of aging in a barrel, mellowing out, and giving us extra flavor. We can’t discount the destructive times. In those times, we’re becoming more intense. If we don’t look back with our teams and celebrate what we’ve come through or what we’ve done, we don’t understand that it’s a season we’ve grown out of.


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