EntreLeaders Share Their Favorite Business Apps

For many of today’s business leaders,  smartphones have become an essential tool, allowing them to run their companies from virtually anywhere. In fact, according to a recent survey by RingCentral, 34% of business professionals at small- to medium-size companies use smartphones more than their computers for business. And a whopping 83% said they would rather give up their morning coffee than their smartphone.

After the shock of finding out how many of you are willing to give up caffeine wore off, we wanted to hear from our EntreLeader Facebook community about the business apps they’re using. Just a head’s up: we’re not endorsing any of these products, just sharing the opinions of our Facebook fans. Here’s what they had to say about their favorites.

“Mint.com helps track all finances, personal or business. It allows me to quickly track expenses and see where my money is going. I can create, edit and track budgets electronically. Sadly, I can’t keep everything in envelopes.—Nick

“BizXpenseTracker: What’s not to love about this app? It’s a great way to keep up with my expenses, mileage and time, with as many categories as I want/need! My favorite feature?  I can photograph my receipt and export it.”—Vickie

“Square allows our small business to take debit cards (on a smartphone) without the large processing fees. It’s 49 cents per debit.”—Anita

“WorldCard Mobile allows me to take pictures of business cards, and then it saves the images and syncs  them to my contacts.”—David

“HoursTracker: I have many clients that I bill by time. This app keeps track of my time. I can also export my hours to Excel and e-mail from it. There’s a clock in/out button, and it even keeps track of my revenue by day, week, month or job. I love it!”—Amy

JotNot Scanner: I scan documents right from my iPhone. It’s sooooooo much better than buying a scanner when you only scan once a week or so.”—Wavecation

“I travel all of the time, and TripIt keeps all my itineraries in line.”—Bryan

“iThoughtHD on my iPad: I use it for mind mapping and creative thinking. It allows me to deductively think through an idea, problem, project, etc. It’s compatible with Mindjet’s Mind Manager, which I have on my iMac desktop.”—Alan

“Mapquest: Now, I never get lost!”—Darlene

GetPaid!: I can create an invoice on location and e-mail a client within seconds of a job’s completion.”—Kevin

“Definitely Dropbox, for having my files when and where I need them, and Join.me for free web-conferencing for up to 250 people.”—Chris

“I have a few that are my favorites: Square, Evernote, Sign-N-Send, Dropbox, Wunderlist, Dragon Dictation.”—Matt

“Habit Streak keeps track of my progress on daily goals and activities. It tells me how many days in a row I did what I said I would do.”—Michael

Question: What’s your favorite app? 

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20 thoughts on “EntreLeaders Share Their Favorite Business Apps”

  1. Chris, what a great blog post…thanks! I am going to tuck this one in my favorites folder to reference back to.
    My favorite is Red Laser as I am able to scan for the cheapest price for a item I may want for my small business. Works well with our personal life too. Also, a good tool on teaching my kids to be patient when they see an item they want to buy with their own money.
    I agree with Anita, love the Square. I feel pretty darn techy when I am selling books to take the Square out of my purse on the spot and scan a card for a sale.
    Live Beyond Awesome.

      1. Chris,
        I am very frugal first off. I had a BLAST getting downloading 5 of the above apps (Bizxpense Tracker, World Class Mobile, Hours Tracked, Jot Not, and Get Paid) as I am going to be one kick butt motivational storyteller & author this next year.
        Your post has definitely saved me hours and money over the next year….all for under $20!
        Thank you!!!
        Can’t wait to share this particular post with many other entreleaders.
        Many blessings and THANK YOU again (can you tell I am excited!).
        Live Beyond Awesome!

  2. Chris, I use Readability daily. With it I send long blog articles and even emails to my Kindle where I can read them all at once every morning. You can also use it to re-format content on the web to remove adds and have it read more like a word document.

  3. BUFFER – Schedule Tweets from within app or using email – http://bufferapp.com/r/af300

    TWEETBOT – Best Twitter app for the iPhone hands down. – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tweetbot-twitter-client-personality/id428851691?mt=8

    REEDER – Best Google Reader app for iPhone – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/reeder/id325502379?mt=8

    EVERNOTE – Keep EVERYTHING at your fingertips. Best for tracking ideas, images and larger projects. Has desktop and web versions that all sync. Look at Hyatt’s blog for tons of tips on getting the most from it. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/evernote/id281796108?mt=8

  4. Interesting. I have asked this question periodically on Facebook myself to get input from my friends and strategic business partners. I have an Android phone…love it except when I read emails and then they are gone. It happens and I have yet to figure out why!

    I am not an app junkie, but one app that I absolutely love is Any.DO It is AWESOME…write down your to do list, put it in folders, swipe across when complete, shake the phone when you want to clear it, move items up or down by priority, put a reminder on them, add email or phone contacts to it…Just perfect!

    Now if I could find an app that had good ratings for time tracking of projects, invoicing clients and tracking mileage all in one that wasn’t $40 a month, I would be thrilled!

  5. RememberTheMilk. I used it years before they came out with the Android app. But since they published their Android app, and especially the Android Widgets, everything has changed to the good in the way I manage my tasks.

  6. I just wish they made apps to go for all programs (iPhone vs Android)…makes it hard when your friends have one, like one, use one, recommend one and you can’t cuz you aren’t cool! LOL!

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