EntreLeadership Tucson Highlight Reel

Our week in Tucson was so amazing that I wanted to show you the highlight reel that we play for the guests at the end of the week.

Question: What do you do to grow yourself? 



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Meet Chris LoCurto


Chris has a heart for changing lives by helping people discover the life and business they really want.

Decades of personal and leadership development experience, as well as running multi-million dollar businesses, has made him an expert in life and business coaching. personality types, and communication styles.

Growing up in a small logging town near Lake Tahoe, California, Chris learned a strong work ethic at home from his full-time working mom. He began his leadership and training career in the corporate world, starting but at E'TRADE.

69 thoughts on “EntreLeadership Tucson Highlight Reel”

  1. Dang Chris…as if I wasn’t already bummed that I didn’t get to go to Tuscan…now I’m REALLY depressed about it! Haha. MAN, that looks like it was a blast!
    Now, what do I do to grow myself? Good soil, water daily and 8-10 hours of direct sunlight.
    Haha. But seriously, a good breakfast, early to bed and early to rise, and I eat all my vegetables so I will grow up to be big and strong like Chris…
    That’s it. That’s my secret 😉

      1. @lilykreitinger Haha. I think I’m probably in the same boat, as an adult I probably won’t grow 10 inches…even if I squeeze a can of spinach with my bare hand and dump it in my mouth whole!!

        1. @lilykreitinger @ChrisLoCurto Haha. “only” 6’3″ he says… Last time I was 6’3″ I was standing on a 2′ mound of dirt! Haha. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, I’m 5’5″…but I like how tall people talk about how they’re “only” so tall like its somehow helps them identify with us…haha. Well it doesn’t! You cant be in our club! Hahaha

        2.  @Skropp  @lilykreitinger So… I’m vertically challenged… and I just realized that I’ve been poking fun at a very tall man who happens to be VP of a very respected organization… not too smart of me… LOL!

        3.  @ChrisLoCurto  @lilykreitinger  @Skropp  No you’re not, because a lot of other “dudes” are broke, lost, self-centered, immature and stuck up. You’re one tall, cool dude! 😀

        4. @lilykreitinger @ChrisLoCurto I was gonna say, I think he can handle a couple short people teasing him. Get us tickets to the next EMS and we might even stop 😉 haha

        5. @lilykreitinger @ChrisLoCurto @Skropp I knew we had a lot in common here! I clock in at 5’6″, but when I was standing next to Chris back in March, he didn’t seem that much taller.
          Oh, wait. I was standing on a phone book at the time!

        6.  @skottydog  @lilykreitinger  @ChrisLoCurto  @Skropp I made the mistake of sitting in the front row to see Chris speak this week. I’ll be going to the chiropractor on Monday to get my neck realigned. 

  2. Ok, I guess I should really answer the question. I’ve said it before, up to now I’ve kinda just floated through life. I’ve ALWAYS read self-improvement and leadership books. I’ve always wanted to be successful, but it’s seemed to be more philosophical for me, I talked about it. I theorized. But I didn’t do.
    Life Has a way of kickin you in the tail end, and I’ve come to realize I need to be MUCH more intentional with my life. The biggest and most important thing I’m doing to grow myself is making sure that I’m always surrounding myself with people who have a purpose, who are going somewhere, and are willing to help others get to where they’re going too. Our time is such a blessing. I can be surrounded by the greatest minds and thoughts the world has to offer via books, tv, Internet, podcasts, twitter, etc.
    Those you associate with most will determine where you go. And I’m going places!

    1.  @Skropp Good point!  Dave says (there I go again with the “Dave Says” opener!) that you are who you hang out with.  Hang out with rich people, you’ll do rich people stuff.  Hang out with broke people, you’ll do broke people stuff.  We are who we surround ourselves with.
      Human nature is to feed off of what we are familiar with, whether it works or not.  My 2 year old is mimicking what my 4 year old does, even though he knows it will land him a “time out”.  
      Conversely, my 4 year old is “enrolled” in FPU, Jr. and is currently saving his commission for a “glow pillow”.  He’s learning from us that the only sure-fire money making scheme is WORK!  
      ….another thing that Dave Says!  lol

      1.  @skottydog  @Skropp  You are what you eat. So if you feed your kids junk, that’s what they’ll assimilate.  We have been listening to TJ McCloud’s “I want to shine” CD in the morning on the way to the babysitter’s.  My 4yo and my 2 year old (who is great at sign language and sound effects, but speaks just a few words) are singing along at the top of their lungs.  Yesterday my daugher was riding her bike and singing “I want to shine like a firefly, God lights me up inside with His love!”   They may not behave in church, but if they keep singing like that and they know how much God loves them, we’ll cut them some slack.   You guys are doing a great job with your kids!    BTW, have you attended FPU? I think you’d be awesome facilitators!

        1.  @lilykreitinger  @skottydog  @Skropp So agree with this – you are what you feed yourself. Physically, spiritually, and mentally. My kids hear a song on the radio – cringe: pitbull –  and they suck it in so fast! Next you think you know, you hear mini pitbulls in the back seat. We started to bring worship and other kid friendly music in the car with us….transformation was immediate – and like you say Lily -they were happily singing the new food at the top of their lungs. That makes me and my wife really happy! 🙂 

        2.  @lilykreitinger  @Skropp We facilitated in April 2011.  I had just finished taking the DISC profile course for work, and brought in TONS of additional material regarding that.  Also gave out a copy of Dan Miller’s ’48 Days To The Work You Love’ to the person in class that completed their homework assignment that week. (My class was primarily an older crowd who did not seem to take the material all that seriously.)   
          I was extremely passionate about the “Working In Your Strengths” lesson.  So much so, that Kathy barely got a word in!  

  3. Wow just got chills seeing the entreleadership highlight reel video from Tucson. Wishing I could be there this week but unable to – I purchased Good to Great by Jim Collins, The Speed of Trust, and Built to Last to dig deeper into the Entreleadership concepts.  Each day for the past several months I spend my commute listening the daveramsey podcasts, enjoying the information that @ChrisLoCurto and his crew gift listeners through their interviews.  I read, I think, I listen, I learn and it’s making me a better mom, wife, business person, and employee.  Thank you!

    1. @dawnnorris @entreleadership @daveramsey @ChrisLoCurto That is te one blessing of my job, lots of time to listen to material! Mobile University, as Dan Miller calls it!

      1.  @Skropp  @dawnnorris  @entreleadership  @daveramsey  @ChrisLoCurto LOVE IT! Mobile University! That rocks – thanks for sharing Miller’s term man! Have an amazing day!

        1.  @Skropp  @lilykreitinger That would cause some curiosity, and more than one person would google that to find out where it is. I can’t decide if I attend Easel U or Paintbrush U or Wet Paint U or Studio U or . . . I am SO THANKFUL for the resources available to learn while I paint!

    2.  @dawnnorris I like what you had to say here. If you can’t make it physically to one of these awesome events (On my list!) You can for sure immerse yourself in wisdom like you’re doing. Then share here with this awesome community!) 

  4. LisaAdeleKurtz

    I’m collecting CEUs in my field as if they were pets.

    Also as a side note I’ve only seen Dave in FPU videos and I’m surprised to see he has such a variety of shirts 🙂

  5. I don’t know how a 4 minute video can make you cry and laugh at the same time.  Like many other people, I am so thankful about the growth I have experienced in my life since I attended FPU.  That led me to EntreLeadership, the book, the podcast, the blog… and the rest is history.  It’s a cycle of positive energy, the more I learn, the more I want to learn and share.  I’m inspired daily by what we share together here and I have so much to tell the world that my heart is about to explode.  I see so many people that just coast through life and I feel like shaking them to see if they’re even awake. I feel like yelling “This is the time you get to make your life exceptional! Get going!!”    I don’t know yet how God will use me to share all of this with others, but I can’t wait to get started!!   Thanks Chris for all you do and please share my deepest gratitude with Dave and your team and everyone at Dave Ramsey’s organization who is working hard to inspire us.  I am confident that together we can change the world.

  6. Wow.  Unbelieveable video, Chris.  Thanks for sharing it.  I feel greedy for wanting to have been there, since I WAS able to attend the Orlando 1-day, but what an experience that full week must be!  The video was a teaser!   All of my heros in one place!
    The information I have gained from Entreleadership, Dave Ramsey, Jon Acuff, and you has rocked my world.  It’s changing my outlook, my approach, and my attitude on business, finances, and life!
    The beauty of this wealth of material and information is that it all works together.  The Entreleadership Podcast.  The Enteleadership Book.  Chris LoCurto.com.  The Dave Ramsey Show.  Quitter.  My Total Money Makeover.
    How could anyone know all of this material is out there, and not take advantage of soaking up as much of it as possible?   Like Lily said earlier here, I just want to shake people and figure out how I can share this as much as I can.  
    I brought my friend and manager to the Orlando event, and I have seen a positive change in her approach with our team already, that is permeating throughout the entire department.   Don’t know if you saw her face at all during any of the lectures or even the lunch, but she was wided-eyed and as excited about the material as a kid on Christmas morning.  It was great to see, and it makes me want to share this material with everyone I meet!
    Thank you, Chris.  And your entire organization.  You are changing lives.   
    (And, you manage to maintain a kick-butt blog at the same time.  Still amazed by that.  Not easy, even though you make it look that way!)

    1.  @skottydog WOW!!!! Thanks brother!!!! That means a ton to me. I won’t say it’s easy, but it is life changing that’s for sure. Being able to see the impact it’s having in real time is pretty awesome. 
      And thank you for sharing this info with all of those around you. It truly makes this work that matters!

  7. What do I do to grow? 
    1. I realize that I must. Like @Skropp said below: you can coast through life, or turn autopilot off and make something happen. Sometimes it’s easy to get tangled up in the battles you wage and problems you face, and victories you walk in that you forget to be happening to your life. Not life happening to you. 
    2. I work hard to stay connected to wisdom. Relationship with God, The Bible (Primary power sources) wonderful blogs and podcasts like this one and Entreleadership (I think my mind and business have been getting power workouts since I’ve started following here.) Reading – one of my favorite things to do. Mobile University (I totally love that idea.)
    3. I am working hard to be purposeful with my relationships. From my wife and kids to the people I work and spend time with. I need to be a positive influence, and look for positive influencers to surround myself with. Nice points in the comments already about surrounding yourself with people wisely.  
    Thanks for the positive influence today everyone! You will have a great day!

  8. A list of my thoughts in response to the video:
    1. The greeters looked genuinely friendly
    2. Beautiful blue vases, wait, are they vases? Wow, love that color
    3. Nice place to stay
    4. Beautiful photography
    5. Recognized Dave, Chris and Jon
    6. Wondered if there were others I “know” from this blog in the video
    7. How cool that riding and rodeo are the recreation instead of golf
    8. How did all those people manage to pack riding gear, especially hats, in their luggage?
    9. Wait, there’s golf too? That’s just WRONG in the desert!
    10. I wonder if there were any artists in the crowd. . .
    11. What a fantastically organized event!
    12. How come men don’t tuck in their shirts anymore?
    13. What were those blue vases used for?
    14. It would be great to have better internet speed so that a 4 minute video didn’t take 11 minutes to watch.
    15. If I do a painting of those blue vases, will the folks who attended the event want to buy it?
    16. Get into your studio instead of rambling on a blog – go improve yourself by practicing your craft, you Procrastinating Regional Artist from Quaintsville.
    The end.

    1.  @cabinart How come men don’t tuck in their shirts anymore? — I think it all happens with the change of time. Who knows — after some years, men will be tucking in. It’s a cycle.

      1.  @LouiseThaxton Thanks! What I lack in intelligence, I make up for in “smart”.  Or, perhaps there was a bit too much caffeine involved that morning. . . 

  9. As I watched this video, I thought: You know what would be cool? Maybe not possible…but cool? An Entreleadership program for micro businesses – for the little business owners who are not quite big enough to make it to the wonderful events you guys hold. Online workshops and community. Just sayin. (Hope not out of place.) 

  10. Neat video. I managed to get one of the $99 seats for the Entreleader 1-day in Nashville, so I’m both excited and sure I’ll gradually go down the path to go to the EMS some day.
    I think coming here daily is a great way to stay motivated on the path to learning. I’ve spent nearly every lunch break at work for the past 8 years reading business and psychology books… to the point where my wife encouraged me (read: told me “do it now or you will regret it later) to go back to school to earn an MBA. I’m also rather fond of audiobooks on the iPhone, and have managed to learn both Spanish (intermediate) and French (romantic beginner) along my daily drives, in addition to various free podcasts.
    However great it is to come to this blog each day, it is peculiar that @ChrisLoCurto constantly references food, but has not provided any recipes to make great food. I mean, we’ve got a recipe for financial success, a recipe to build a great company culture, and many more great ideas, but we can’t get a recipe to cook something for dinner? 5 posts a week. Zero meals. :/

  11. It looks like you all had a great time here. The Westin La Paloma is a beautiful resort. Hope you consider coming back again. Maybe by then I’ll be able to attend.

  12. Are you kidding me? I have got to attend EntreLeadership the next time. I am all over this. WOW, i need to share this with others, this is my passion to be in that environment consistently.

  13. What do I do to grow myself?  Conferences, mastermind groups, coaches, books, and of course blogs such as yours!  And watching this video really inspired me to investigate the next event – looks incredible!

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