Finding Purpose in Failure [Podcast]

Finding Purpose in Failure

There are countless numbers of people who have a fear of failure.
We’ve talked about it a lot here on the podcast and blog.
We talk about it so much because we tend to forget that FEAR CAN CONTROL YOU if you don’t watch out.

So how do we find purpose in failure?
That’s what we dive into today on The Chris LoCurto Show.

If fear of failure is crippling you, if it’s controlling you, please look into LifePlan.
Your life does not have to be that way.
You can change. You can have freedom.
That’s what LifePlan is all about!

Question: Do you have a fear of failure? How are you overcoming it?

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4 thoughts on “Finding Purpose in Failure [Podcast]”

  1. Hey Chris, love this man! I’ve always been the type that was incapable of making a decision or trying something new for fear of failure. Circumstances gave me the opportunity to start over in a new career where the GOAL is to “Fail Forward” and learn by making mistakes. It’s been one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced, and it’s messed with me in all kinds of GREAT ways. I’m forced to face my shortcomings and places where I need “re-wired”, because those are the things causing me to fail with clients.
    We had a goal to get 30 appointments with clients, and whether or not a sale was made, I’d have learned a ton just by bombing those 30 times. THAT will mess with your mind. I quit 5 times a DAY for the first few months. It’s just NOW starting to make sense to me, and I can see that it would have taken so much longer had I waited til I was “ready” to see clients. I had a goal to hit, and made it my mission to make it to that goal as quickly as I could. My wife and I decided together that “failure is not an option”, instead of focusing on a deadline that I had to be profitable by. That seems to be working for me anyway.

  2. Barry Mastrantonio

    Chris, AWESOME podcast sir! I came from an era where if you failed at something, you were told that you failed and you were suppose to suck it up and do not let happen again. When I was a teenager, there were times I would try to help my dad complete projects. Now I miss my dad and love him, and I know he loved me, but if I could not accomplish a task on the second try instead of bearing with me and trying to help me accomplish my task he told me to see if my mother needed any help. I think that set the stage in my life for a to heck with it attitude if I could not accomplish a task. Getting pounded by my mother for my failures has been real brutal. You are right when you say we have to show grace because we have been given so much grace. My problem is I can’t seem to show myself grace. Other people is no problem, but grace to me big problem.

    Rock on in HIS love,

    1. You have to get to a place of knowing that GOD doesn’t think that way about you! Your parents didn’t do a good job because of the junk that’s in their root system. Know that God is your parent more than anyone, and He has ALLLLLL the patience in the world. And you have to give yourself grace, or you’ll run dry for others eventually. Start today Barry!!

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