320 | Finding Your Authentic Self

320 | Finding Your Authentic Self

“I was wanting to experience a sense of peace and well-being, but I never took the time to focus on how to get there for myself.” 

Learn the why and how of getting to your healthiest, most authentic self:

To find your authentic self, you have to understand how you got to where you are today. You may know you struggle with control, taking on too much, fear, you fill in the blank…but those responses don’t change until you understand where they’re coming from, and why.

We’re digging into the why and how of getting to our best selves today with Becky Taylor.

Once you see that why…you get revelation, and freedom.

We guide people through a 2-day process to help them get past the “junk,” improve relationships, and discover what’s holding them back from peace and freedom in life. What would that look like in your life? Get more information, and find out here: Your Next-Level Life

Have you found​ freedom and peace in​ YOUR​ everyday life​ with Next-Level Life

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Becky Taylor: I think everyone would benefit from Next-Level Life. It is like I said, a one of a kind experience that is life changing. Not can be, but it is life changing.

Chris LoCurto: Welcome to the Chris LoCurto show where we discuss leadership and life and discover that business is what you do, not who you are.

Chris LoCurto: Welcome to the show. Folks. Before we dive into today’s content, we have a great question to answer that came from Facebook and it’s from Ezra. Ezra asks, “Chris, how much time should I be taking off annually to recharge myself and at what intervals should I do this in essence, every quarter, semi annually?” That is a fantastic question, Ezra. We live so much in a world that rejuvenating yourself, recharging yourself is not the important thing. The important thing, and there’s so many people screaming their lungs out, you know, from different product lines and supposed thought leaders that are saying, your worth is in your productivity. Go produce, go, go, hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle. You know, it’s this concept of hustle. It has been so taken out of context or it has been so blown up as the important thing is the hustle.

Chris LoCurto: What you hear from the beginning of this episode and every podcast that we do, your business is what you do it’s not who you are. Now in my business, people bust their butts, but they’re not busting their butts 20 hours a day. They’re not busting their butts affecting their kids in a negative way. They come in, they bust their butts here to help you guys have change in your life and then they live their life, right? So this concept that we are hearing all the time that, you need to utilize every second of your day to try and do this hustle or a side hustle or, or, or what’s happening is it’s pulling you away from actually being in a place where you have the charge to do what you need to do. Now, don’t get me wrong, if the ox is in the ditch get the ox out of the ditch, if there’s times that things are going wrong here and we’ve got to fix something, people are staying late.

Chris LoCurto: We’re getting things done. Every time we do our events, quarterly people are here working late, doing things to get that done. Whenever we do a next level life we’re here taking care of our clients on next level life, we put an extra time on that as well. So there’s plenty of days throughout the year that we put an extra time. The point that I’m making is, is that we have made the productivity the most important worth in our life. There’s two places that people usually get their worth from productivity or people pleasing, and when it comes to this question of needing to be able to recharge, you have to put something in place that allows you to recharge so that you can do the work that God’s calling you to do. If you are focused on productivity being your greatest worth, then I can promise you you’re not thinking about recharging.

Chris LoCurto: You’re probably in a place where you’re overwhelmed, you’re probably worn out, you’re exhausted and you’re looking for, I just need to do something. I’m going to burn out if I keep doing this. So let me answer the question. The recharge all depends on where you are in life, what you’re experiencing, what you’re doing. I highly suggest getting away, at least a quarter. Even if it’s a long weekend. It doesn’t have to mean you know that you’re taking complete days off from work. You could take a phenomenal a staycation weekend and not do anything. You know, the Jews have a great way of looking at this. It’s called Sabbath on a weekly basis. They take a day away from the world. They don’t work, they don’t do anything. They don’t go, you know, they don’t invite any of that junk in. So they’re able to recharge on a weekly basis.

Chris LoCurto: A lot of people don’t follow that process, so instead they’re running on the weekend. They’re having to get things done over the weekend. They’re having to go do their shopping, you know, they’re having to get work done. We have so many people that work on the weekend when they should be spending time with family. So if you’re not spending a specific set time every week to recharge, then my suggestion is you need to be taking a hard look at at least quarterly taking some time off. I know for me, back in the days when I traveled all the time, I had to have a four day weekend, once a quarter, and many of those times I would just go back home to Tahoe and just breathe, just get out and walk in the woods, just, you know, sit around and read a fantastic book and I’ll go have great food, go to the lake and just spend some time not plugging in to the rest of the world at all.

Chris LoCurto: And that would just give me a lot of life. And then when I came back, I was ready to go again. Sometimes I miss that quarter and I felt it. Nowadays I find other ways to be recharged. I recharge weekly as well. I try to take that time and not plug into the world. So that’s the way I look at it. Definitely you need to be doing something annually. Very long answer. I hope that, I hope this answers the question Ezra, and I hope this helps you guys today. Today we’re gonna be talking about how to invest in yourself, how to become the strongest, the healthiest version of you and how to break through what’s holding you back in life. And to talk about the topic we’ve brought on Becky Taylor. Now Becky is a longtime educator, entrepreneur and a business leader. For 30 years she has been a multi-center franchise, operating as many as eight centers at a time during the past couple of years, she has sold all of her centers and is figuring out what the next chapter in life looks like. Now she is coaching, mentoring, and working with both her son and daughter in law as they continue to grow and be very successful in the businesses. Most importantly, she is the proud grandmother of five year old twins that have the joy of her life. So folks do me a favor. Welcome to the show. Becky Taylor. Becky, welcome.

Becky Taylor: Thank you, Chris. Well those were some nice things you said. That summed my life up exactly and I’m just excited to be here to share some of my experiences and hope that I can touch some lives out there.

Chris LoCurto: Well, we appreciate it. It’s great to have you on the show and it was fantastic having you and your husband in here last month. So, thank you for doing this. Tell folks who don’t know much about you, you know, tell him a little bit more about your life, your family, your career, anything that I left out.

Becky Taylor: Well, I think you told most of it. You know, I think it’s important as far as my background, I grew up in a six children and a mother raising us. And so we learned that we had to work hard from a young age and I took that into my life and I think I may have taken it to a next level that it shouldn’t have gone to, which is to do all of my work and everyone else’s. And, I’ve learned, uh, at a late time in my life that probably I should have, not try to control so much and let other people work hard.

Chris LoCurto: Oh Gosh. If we only knew that if we knew that early on and we actually really got that, it would be so powerful. So a few years ago, before you came in through next level life, if you were to ask yourself if my life were at 100%, if I could wave a magic wand and see the healthiest, best version of my life, uh, what would that look like? What would your answer have been?

Becky Taylor: Okay. Well, I think there’s some components of where I was several years ago that I would keep, you know, I felt healthy when I had busy centers serving lots of families, working with schools, with teachers, with the community, and impacting as many lives as I as I could. But if I could wave the wand, I would probably let go of some of the need to control so that I could spend more time managing my business rather than working in my business, basically. I would do everything that my directors did on a daily basis. It seems as well as all of my franchise owner duties. So I know I would’ve done that differently. I always felt I’ve had a good relationship with God, but I would take more time to focus on that relationship no matter how busy things were. Because there are many times that I believe that, I needed him a lot more, but I would just handle things on my own and I would have been much happier had I accepted that and taking the time. And, also I’d probably be better at solving conflict. Definitely would be less judgemental. I would not make as many assumptions as I did in those times and I would look elsewhere for my approval, not from just, helping people and being a top performer. But I would look at my worth in a different way.

Chris LoCurto: One of the big things that we help so many people to understand coming through next level life is that, you know, where all of those things came from. Like the control, you know, the need to control situations or the need to do everything or feel the responsibility that you’ve got to do your work and everybody else’s work. And really kind of understanding where that came from. So many folks can see what we call the, what, you know, this is an area I’m struggling, but they don’t understand the why and understanding that why is so powerful. And as we can see, as you’ve, as you look back on that, you can see so many things that you would have done differently. What would you say were your biggest frustrations? I mean, obviously you just mentioned some of those, but what were you dealing with day to day?

Becky Taylor: My biggest frustration probably is it that I was constantly overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed by trying to take care of everyone, at work, at home, anywhere I went. I just felt like it was my job to take care of everything and really, I just had no time to relax. I think I was carrying a lot of stress for many, many years. Um, and then, you know, I was oftentimes I would be disappointed at others for their negative behaviors and that was frustrating to me and you know, I was wanting to experience a sense of peace and wellbeing, but it just, it seemed like I never took the time to focus on how to get there for myself.

Chris LoCurto: How did that impact you personally? Because obviously we can see that coming out in the day to day. We can see that in the, you know, when you have expectations of other people and they’re not meeting those, it’s a frustration from a business sense. What was that like for you personally?

Becky Taylor: Personally I wasn’t exhausted. You know, I was up every day and out the door at seven in the offices on the road running here, running there, getting home at six 30 or seven, doing what I needed to around the house. Then working again to 11 until I fell asleep and then repeating it again and you know, hopefully Fridays and I would try to wind down a little bit, but you know, when you own your own business, it’s hard to ever let go. And I just felt like I was neglecting myself and you know, and I’m surprised that I continued as long as I did. You know, with everything that was going on, it was just very frustrating, very overwhelming. And I felt like my health, you know, suffered because of that.

Chris LoCurto: Yeah. That is one thing. It’s so funny with all the things that we teach, when we teach leadership, we teach on life, all of this stuff. One of the things that we definitely inject into our teaching is the health side of it because for some reason we have had this idea that we can run like that. There’s, there’s all these people out there screaming, uh, you know, go hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle, and, and you just got to keep working. You know, you got to work 27 hours a day and you’ve got to do all this stuff. And there is this massive disconnect from how that actually affects you as a human being and how it affects your body and how much stress that pushes on your new body as well and causes you to feel overwhelmed and exhausted and all that kind of stuff. So you were seeing all that, you’re experiencing all that. How did you find out about next level life?

Becky Taylor: Well, I actually found out about it through my daughter in law who has been participating in a lot of the leadership training, probably for over a year now. And you know, and I’ll be honest at the beginning I wasn’t sure what she was involved in and a little bit, you know, skeptical wondering what’s going on there. So I was actually very excited. I’m supportive of her all along. I didn’t dare question it in front of her. In my mind I was, um, I was ecstatic when she, told me that she would like for me to go. And I think she would like for lots of family members to go, but she knew that I would be probably more receptive. And I absolutely loved it. It helped open my eyes to what she was, involved in and how it was helping her in her business life as well as her personal life. I had seen changes in her over the past several months that were just amazing in all capacities personally and in our business. So I wanted to see where this magic was coming from.

Chris LoCurto: Shout out to Cindy because she is an absolute rock star, phenomenal gal. We got a chance to meet your son, got to hang out with him for a little bit. So we hope that we get to see more of him as well. So just a great couple doing great stuff. I’ve never seen a leader that’s had everything that they wanted out of thousands of leaders that I’ve coached most are probably a lot like you. You wish you saw greater productivity in less drama from your team that you didn’t spend your energy putting out fires, that you had more time to invest in your family and the things that you enjoy and you felt more equipped to lead your team to success. The only thing that’s holding leaders back from the results they desire is having the right tools and you can get those tools at the next level leadership live event.

Chris LoCurto: So if you’re young, old, new, experienced, struggling, or really successful, this event is for anyone who is ready to learn from 25 years of best practices that get proven results. It’s not about short term fixes. In three days, I’m going to teach you how to have sustained revenue growth to generate greater productivity from your team and get immediate momentum toward the results that you want. It’s going to be detailed, practical in loaded with how tos from the lessons we’re teaching, our clients have seen an average of 46% increase in gross profit in one year’s time. That’s one year’s time. These clients run normal everyday businesses and your business can have the same level of success. So if you’re ready to see those results, go to


dot com slash events and get your tail to this event and invest in your leadership and your business. That’s crystal [inaudible] dot com slash events I can’t wait to see you there. Hmm. Uh, as you came through or, before you came through, was there anything that you were afraid of coming into next level life?

Becky Taylor: I think that the biggest thing I was afraid of is not knowing what I was going into. You know, I think all of us have somewhat of a fear of the unknown. And I dunno, I just, I had no clue what it was going to be like. And I was very open when I came in. I just, you know, I thought I’m just going to have to take it as it comes. And you know, it may hurt, it may be good and, and it was all of those things, but it was just life changing. There’s no other, there’s no other way to describe it. When I try to tell friends about it, cause I came back all excited. Many of my friends that I was describing ahead of time what I was going to work just like I was with Cindy and it was like, wow, this sounds a little different. And when I came back I was telling them how wonderful it was. But Chris, I almost had a hard time putting it into words. You know, it’s, it’s an experience, you know, some of it’s tangible, but you know, a lot of it’s just, you know, internal.

Chris LoCurto: That is the toughest thing. And again, this is why we love to have people who have gone through, talk about it, talk through it, because it’s one of the toughest things for people to do. We have so many folks, especially a lot of business owners that send like their team members through their like, well, what, what am I going to expect? You just need to go, well, what is it? You just need to go. And it’s, it’s so because it’s different for every single person coming through. But our focus is still the same. Our goal is to help, again, like I said earlier, our focus is to help people to get to the why of how they make decisions. The why behind things that they didn’t understand. Some folks have had crappy childhoods and that causes them to make different decisions in life.

Chris LoCurto: Some people have had no problems whatsoever, but they are plateaued and they can’t figure out how to move past it. And it’s that helping of people to get to this place, understanding again, the root system, which is the basis of the whole event. And so you guys have not listened to understanding your root system and go back and listen to that podcast, getting to that place of seeing, oh my gosh, I know the “what” a lot of people know the “what” half the people coming through know the “what” half the people don’t even know the “what.” But once you see that, why it starts to come together, why am I overwhelmed? Why am I taking the responsibility of my job and everybody else’s job? Why do I feel like I need to, you know, run 90 miles an hour, even when it’s time for me to settle down and rejuvenate? Why are all these things happening? Once you see that why it’s that great revelation. Now that’s, I’m going to make that assumption, but let me ask you, what’s the greatest revelation that you received from next level life?

Becky Taylor: Well, what you just said about the root systems, that is something I think about on a daily basis when I am, how I’m responding to someone or when I’m questioning why I’m in the predicament I am at that time or why someone around me is acting a certain way. I constantly think about my root systems and that is something I did not realize. How those roots that we all have are still so strong. You know, and I guess I guess they do stay with you for life, I’m assuming. Mine are going to just going to continue to impact me, but the fact that I’m aware of what they’re doing and it helps me know how to respond in different ways and you know, maybe not be so hard on myself and sometimes I used to do that. You know, and I think it’s easy for people to become a victim and it gets you to forget that. I mean, you know, we’re all victims. Everybody is a victim of something, you know, just how to accept that and move forward.

Chris LoCurto: That is so powerful. What you just said. I mean, we all are, some are real victims. They’ve had something horrible that’s happened in their life and some of us life has not gone the way that we wanted it to. Or you know, we’ve got some, you know, again, those impacts in our life, those things that have caused us to decisions a specific way or go a different direction. The great thing is that it doesn’t have to be that way. And I think that’s the thing that so many people, like you said earlier, that the biggest fear coming into it is the unknown, that is literally the same answer. We’ve done over 300 events, over 300. That is the same fear that every person has coming in. They say it in different ways. They’ll say, well, I don’t know. We’re going to find out.

Chris LoCurto: Yeah. It’s the fear of the unknown for all of you. High D’s Out there. When you come in the door, I’ll go, you’re a high d. So you’re going to say you have no fears and they just laugh. But really, let’s be honest. What do you, what are you worried about? And I’m like, well, I just don’t know what we’re going to find out. My answer’s always the same. Do you think we’re going to find out anything you don’t already at least have some idea about? I like, no, not really. And so once we get in, we do discover tons of stuff, but nothing that is like, oh, I should be ashamed. Oh, I should feel horrible about myself. Instead, it’s the exact opposite, right? It’s that, oh, well now that I know this, I can do this differently. You know in your case, I don’t have to be overwhelmed. I don’t have to do everybody else’s job. I can actually allow people to do their thing and operate from a different place. So let me ask you this. The events that you shared, the stuff that you’ve been talking about pre next level life, how would you continue or what would it look like now responding to those events had you not gone through next level life?

Becky Taylor: Oh my goodness. My one regret is that I did not have the opportunity to experience this prior to selling my businesses. And maybe even, you know, many, many years ago, early in my business. Or even up to the point that I did sell and, you know, and I’ll tell you, that was one of the questions I had when I had this opportunity to attend, you know, and it was like, does this really relate to me? You know, I’m on in a career anymore. So for those who are not running, their businesses are still, you know, involved in their career at some level.

Becky Taylor: This is critical in anyone’s life. I mean, actually, it, it has changed me at a time that I really needed some different behaviors and different way of thinking because, you know, when you’ve worked for 40 years and you’re driven and then all of a sudden there’s nothing and you don’t know where to go, what to do and if it’s okay to relax and enjoy. And, you know, so I was, I think I was probably unique. And then, you know, when I hear Cindy talking about all the folks that go, so I think it would have been extremely beneficial years ago and I probably would have,

Becky Taylor: been less stressed as I finished up my career and sold my businesses.

Becky Taylor: But I really think it came at a great time for me when I was at a crossroads right now, not knowing where I’m going and what I’m supposed to be doing.

Chris LoCurto: God has funny timing. There’s not a person on the planet, who doesn’t need to go through next level life. We have had, again, so many business owners, so many business leaders. We’ve had so many spouses. We’ve had stay at home spouses, we’ve had teenagers, our youngest folks that have come through were twin 16 year olds that went through their events separately, obviously.

Chris LoCurto: Everybody needs this information. You’re at a different place in life now, right? I’ve had so many people say, Chris, were you, where were you 20 years ago? And I was like preparing for this.

Becky Taylor: yeah, exactly.

Chris LoCurto: It is an amazing thing how,

Becky Taylor: No matter where you are in life, this applies to you, this affects you. What was the most empowering thing that you can say you walked away from next level life?

Becky Taylor: I think probably the most empowering thing was accepting, who I am and knowing that I don’t have to prove myself to others. That, you know, God does have a plan and as long as I feel like I’m listening and you know, and am turning to him that everything’s going to be fine.

Chris LoCurto: So we didn’t try and change, you wouldn’t try and make you a different person. We didn’t try and make you go become a missionary in Africa or something?

Becky Taylor: No, you did not.

Chris LoCurto: That’s one of the things that a lot of people are like, is this gonna make me have to go be something that I’m not?

Becky Taylor: Nope. Not at all. I mean, I am the same person, but I feel like I know myself better. I’m taking time to get to know myself better. I think, you know, very successful business people don’t focus on themselves often and so they’re busy doing everything else. And I think that’s a mistake. And, and as you said, I think next level life is for everyone. I’m glad to know that you’d had teenagers go through it. You know, as a middle school teacher for many years before I ran my franchises, you know, that’s such a critical time in someone’s life and wow, you could really turn some kids around by helping them see why they’re doing what they’re doing at that time and what’s important and respond to triggers and all of those things. And just looking at their core values.

Chris LoCurto: It is so powerful because again, look at where you are. As you’re saying, if I had this 20 years ago, when we do I love it when, and it’s usually parents have gone through and they’re like, okay, our kids need to come through this. They need to experience this. They need to take a look at, you know, the stuff that we’ve learned and help them to overcome this before they get where we are. The amazing thing is…iIf you take a look back on your life, you have a, from a man’s perspective, from a human’s perspective, so much identity in the business. There’s so much identity in what you’ve accomplished. There’s so much identity in being an entrepreneur. There’s so much identity there. And what we show people is, and you know, we say it every single time on the show, business is what you do it’s not who you are. That is not your identity. You’re also a grandmother, mother, a mother in law, a wife, a, you know, there’s different aspects to you in the biggest aspect of everything is that you’re a child of God,

Becky Taylor: Right.

Chris LoCurto: And that you belong to him. And so many people get stuck in this. My identity is in what I can produce. My identity is in what I’ve accomplished in life. That’s where my worth is. And praise God that at this point in life, after selling off your identity, that you’ve been able to walk through this and go, oh yeah, those are great accomplishments. Those are phenomenal accomplishments. But there’s so much more to me than this. So we’ve talked so much about you. How has this impacted your relationships?

Becky Taylor: Oh Wow. Well, I think, you know, it’s part of the experience and my husband did attend with me. I think having everyone that has had kids, I think having that significant other involved is critical. I can’t imagine him, Donny not have been there with me. Again. It would have been hard for me to put into words what I experienced. And also he, he understands himself better. Even though he really didn’t go through it, he kinda sorta did, you know, like a fly on the wall. I think it’s made us understand each other better. Communicating is a whole lot easier. You know, understanding each other’s personalities and, um, you know, I remember him saying

Becky Taylor: he learned so much about me that he didn’t know. So that was powerful.. But no, I feel there’s more of a sense of peace, you know, in just our closeness and then with my daughter-In-Law and my son, you know, obviously with Cindy having gone through it. She and I can truly relate to one another because we have experienced it firsthand. You know, and, and we share different things that will help each other. And we talk about, you know, how we’re handling situations. You know, and then me, I’m thinking of how I react, my son who has not been through it, um, and even my grandchildren, you know, how I can do different thing , and I’m consciously aware of what I say and how I say things and making sure they understand where I’m coming from. And I feel like I understand them better. So I think the communication, the relationships have all changed for the better as a result of attending and going through the next level life.

Chris LoCurto: This is, this is what I love, this gives me chills, is the fact that not only a mother, but a grandmother. Have gone through those twin girls who are so precious. Well now that you both realize how much we impact our kids, our grandkids root systems…you know, for me, I absolutely love I, everybody who knows me knows I’m crazy about kids. I love kids. I love kids. I love kids. I would have 20 if I could. I love kids. I’m crazy about them. And early on for me, because I love kids, you know, somebody would come around… We had kids coming in the office all the time, you know, people bring their families in and all that. And so I was the kind of guy who would go, oh look how cute you look in your little dress. You know, look how handsome you are with your little vest in your tie on. Oh my. And it was years ago. Meg meeker who is phenomenal,

Chris LoCurto: great parenting coach, a great author, all that kind of fun stuff. She had punched me in the face with something and it, and it was the, hey, you need to be complimenting the character that you want. Here I am teaching this to adults. This is a part of what I do for a living. But when it comes to the little ones, instead of complimenting on their character I’m complementing…I’m literally training them in 10 years from now turn to Facebook to get their worth. You know, to turn to Instagram to put selfies up to get their worth. And it’s like crap. Hit the brakes. Sorry. And so for me now, and I’m sure you’re experiencing this now and I’m, I’m sure Cindy is as well, is that it is so much more important in so much more valuable to compliment the Christ-likeness. Oh my gosh, that was so great the way you took care of your sister today. Hey, thank you for helping mommy. Hey, thank you for listening when I told you to do what to do, you know, when you compliment those characters, because people do what they re they repeat what the rewarded for.

Chris LoCurto: Then all of a sudden, instead of becoming the Becky of overwhelm, it’s my responsibility to do my job, your job, your job, your job, your job…then all of a sudden you start focusing on the character. Right? And it’s so powerful. So that I love that both of you have gone through, we’re still trying to wrangle in the men to get them out here, but that you guys have had this impact. So not only your relationships as adults are different, but the relationship with those kids is different as well. So I love that. So Becky, what would you say, out of everything, is the greatest change that you see in yourself now?

Becky Taylor: Oh, I would say the greatest change would be

Becky Taylor: how I react to triggers today. I think I’m trying to listen and process how others maybe impacted by how I react with them. And I try to use that to respond without judgment. I really try not to assume which I,

Becky Taylor: I think, boy, I think I was the biggest assumptor that ever was. I mean, I can look at people for ever even spoke to them and I’m already assuming something and judging, I’m not perfected this yet, but you know, I’m very aware of how to become better at it each day. And I think that’s probably the biggest change for me is really just how I look at others and how I respond to others.

Chris LoCurto: Yeah, and it’s so funny you say, I think that’s just it, and yet how powerful is that? Yeah, it’s huge in your life now because look at how much stress it removes, how much responsibility it removes. It doesn’t take away the true responsibility or the right responsibilities. It takes away those fake ones. Exactly. That you convince yourself that you know are yours.

Becky Taylor: Chris, you just triggered something when you said that to me. You know, when, when you’re judging people and assuming things before even have gotten a chance to learn more, that causes more stress for yourself as you said. I mean, it really is a huge stressor because you immediately start thinking about all of the things that you’re assuming and, and it builds up stress and, and we all know that we need to control that stress in our lives.

Chris LoCurto: Folks, as you’re listening to this, there are tools that go with this. This is the thing about next level life is there are tools on how to solve this and how to get over that and how to, to check yourself and change the way you’re thinking. And so all the things you’re hearing Becky say, that’s the great thing about this process as it comes with that tool belt to say, okay, here’s how I stopped doing this, and stop the assumptions and stop the, you know, the judgments. I can think of times in my past…and now it’s great because I’m able to get over this stuff super fast. But early on in my days when I started putting all of this stuff together and I’m making these, we call it battling the lies with the truths and I’m battling the lie.

Chris LoCurto: Which the lie is, oh, that person just did that because of this. You know, and I’d find myself going, knock it off. You don’t even have any perspective whatsoever. You don’t even know if that’s truth. You’re not even talked to anybody about that. Knock it off. And what if it is true? So what? And by putting those tools in place and practicing it. And that’s the thing, like you said, you’ve not perfected this yet. The guy who teaches this, I do this almost every single week with, with somebody coming through and I have not perfected it. I’m just so much better at it now. Cause of the practice and the practice and the practice and it helps me to get over it faster. So, I love that you’ve got those tools in your belt. So we’ve got a bunch of folks out there that are listening to this. Many of them can relate to exactly what you’ve been through. Many may be on the other side of this, but they’re wondering why should I come through this? What would you say to the person who’s wondering if they need a next level life or not?

Becky Taylor: I think everyone would benefit from next level life. It is, like I said, a one of a kind experience that is life changing. Not can be, but it is life changing. I think the intensity and depth of this experience is almost too difficult to describe. It’s something you have to experience. You know, like I said earlier, I almost have a loss of words when I’m trying to explain to friends what it’s all about. All I know is when I finished talking to them, they want some of it. They’re like, how do I do this, because it really is personal, and it is so fulfilling. It is extremely positive even though it’s difficult as you’re going through it. It’s a very emotional experience. And I’m sure going through next level life is unique to each individual. Since there are no two people that are exactly the same. However, I strongly believe anyone and everyone really should go through next level life.

Chris LoCurto: Absolutely. If you could go back to Becky 20, 25 year old Becky, what would you tell her?

Becky Taylor: Oh my gosh.

Chris LoCurto: And it can be anything.

Becky Taylor: Yeah. I would tell her to be her authentic self, you know, to seek her approval from God, not others, to stop worrying because God is in control and that God gave each of us unique talents and he knows how we’re going to use them and he’s going to lead us to what we should be doing. And he does have great plans for each of us. So I would say focus on being your authentic self. I think, you know, my adaptive self, which I have learned is what it is, is the stressful Becky. You know, it just, you know, it is performing to get things done when really your authentic self is just as good. You just, you know, it’s less stressful,

Chris LoCurto: Folks that is one of the most powerful pieces of the event because as you said it, day one is intense. It’s powerful. It’s stressful. We call it the emotional day. We don’t have people live in crap from the past. That’s not what happens. It’s tough because we’re walking through and seeing things and then we’re learning about them. And that’s what makes it so difficult and tough. But then we put it all back together. And one of the biggest turns and most powerful turns is when you discover your authentic self.

Becky Taylor: Yeah.

Chris LoCurto: And that, you know, when we go through this whole process, I don’t want to give people too much information on this, but we go through this whole process. And when you see who you authentically are compared to, you know, like you said, the adapted version of you that you’re choosing to be right now, that you’re living right now, those, so if those frustrations that you’re experiencing in life, those plateaus that you’re experiencing in life, those relationships that aren’t healed, all those things, the, the not feeling good enough, not feeling worthy enough, feeling responsible for others’ happiness, feeling responsible for other success. All of those things are elements that you’re telling yourself are your responsibility…that you’re supposed to be. And when you see that authentic self, it is this, I was going to say a slap upside the head, but really it’s this massive hug of just, oh my gosh, that’s who I really am and that’s who god made me to be. And I like to that person way better. Would you agree with it?

Becky Taylor: 100%. Totally. And you know, I wish I had gone through this at age 25. I think my life would have been a whole lot less stressful and you know, I think I’ve had a good life and I’m happy with, you know, what I’ve accomplished, but really I think I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more if I had gone through this.

Chris LoCurto: It just gives you a different purpose in life.

Becky Taylor: Yes.

Chris LoCurto: Well, Becky, thank you so much for doing this. I appreciate it. You’re a rockstar as well. Thank you for, uh, joining us on the episode.

Becky Taylor: Thank you. It’s been my pleasure. And, and I certainly hope others will have the opportunity to experience what I experienced, what Cindy experienced and, and I’m sure so many others that have gone through this.

Chris LoCurto: We look forward to it. Well folks, there you have it. Here’s somebody with a great change, different perspective, a better perspective on her life, even in a different shift in life, that has had a powerful impact by going through next level life. So here’s what I want you to know. You can have the same thing and you don’t all you gotta all you need to do is just discover it. So we have got this set up for you, Chrislocurto.com/discover so that you can learn more to take the next step. You’ve heard the same fears that everybody has. That is the fear of the unknown. And yet nobody out of all the interviews you’ve ever heard on the show, nobody’s ever walked away from next level life going, oh crud, I discovered something I don’t like or something bad.

Chris LoCurto: And you know, this wasn’t worth it. I’ve never had anybody walk away saying that wasn’t a life changing event because it is. So take the next step. Go to chrislocurto.com/discover learn more. Take that next step. Thank you again, Becky. I appreciate it. Love on those, those babies.

Becky Taylor: I will

Chris LoCurto: We hope we get to see you here again, bring the husband back and we will rock his world as well.

Becky Taylor: Thank you Chris. Appreciate it.

Chris LoCurto: Thanks Becky. Well, folks, there you have it. Hopefully this has helped you today. As always, take this information, change your leadership, Change Your Business, change your life and join us on the next episode.


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