395 | Finishing Well When Your Strength Is Gone

Today’s show is finishing well when your strength is gone and persevering until we find sustained success, which means we’ll have to press through some short-term failures in order to obtain the long-term success that we want.
On today’s show, we’re going to play the game called “Would you rather?” 🙂
  • Would you rather have SHORT term success and LONG term failure… OR…
  • Would you rather have LONG term success and SHORT term failure?!
For some people, that next breakthrough they’ve been after is just around the bend, but settling for less, getting tired, sloppy, and then throwing in the towel can keep them from realizing it.
  • Has your strength been tested this year with COVID, the economy, and political unrest?
  • How many times have you gotten up in the morning and wanted to throw in the towel?
  • What do you do when you don’t think you’ve got another good idea in you, just quit?
I’m going to give you a good shot in the arm – a booster for your morale – to help you finish well!

Push back against the age as hard as it pushes against you.” – Flannery O’Connor