Five Lessons on Culture…And My Gift to You!

The first step to creating culture is understanding what your culture is like and identifying the weak areas.

What do you want it to look like? How do you want people to act? What do you want their attitudes to be? How should they treat each other? Should they treat the internal customer differently than the external customer? Did they even realize there is an internal customer?

Additionally, if you spend time focusing on your culture, it’ll change the pool of people you get to hire from.

Champions want to be in a place where they can work hard, get a pat on the back, get paid well, don’t have to worry about gossip or backstabbing, and can go home looking forward to the next day.

On the other hand, bad culture literally breeds bad team members. It attracts people who were looking for a way to throw their feet up on the desk, talk badly about people, gossip, and get paid for something they didn’t really work that hard for.

You get to choose the culture you create, but it all starts when YOU make a difference in your culture.

So ask yourself, “How does your team act and what are their attitudes?”

Your answer is a key indicator on whether or not you’ve got a healthy company culture.

Five Free Audio Lessons on Culture!



Inc. Magazine brought me in to do a talk specifically on this topic. I gave them five things every business must understand about creating culture.

Those five audio lessons are available to you as part of a free weekly download when you subscribe to this blog. If you’re already a subscriber, thank you! You’ll receive an email shortly with a download link.


For the next five consecutive weeks, I’ll send you a free audio lesson on each component of creating a healthy team culture:

  • Week 1 – Force It: How to force good culture instead of bad culture being forced on you.
  • Week 2 – Teach It: How to teach what good culture looks like. If you’re not the one setting culture standards, than somebody else is doing it for you and believe me, bad culture spreads like wildfire.
  • Week 3 – Recognize It: People do what they’re recognized for. How to create a culture that attracts champions.
  • Week 4 – Attack It: Got gossip? Are employees showing up late? How to be proactive and attack the bad culture.
  • Week 5 – Repeat It: To create great culture, you have to repeat it over and over. Here’s how.

Get the Five Free Audio Lessons on Culture – Click Here!

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Question: What’s the best part of your team culture (or a team you’ve worked on)?



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23 thoughts on “Five Lessons on Culture…And My Gift to You!”

  1. Now this is a topic near and dear to my heart! You mean I have to wait five weeks for all this? Uggghh!

    I guess I shouldn’t look a gift CLo in the mouth? 😉

    Congrats on working with Inc. I’m a big fan of their stuff!

  2. The best part of the team culture I am a part of is that we all know that our highest level boss has our back. She has verbalized it, and shown it with actions consistently. That does more for us than anything else.

    That’s awesome about the audio lessons! I assume if we are already subscribed to the blog by email, we will get those?

  3. I must say Good Team Culture is empowering.. I many times go back and talk about my first job because we had a culture that encouraged and allowed the Team to have Fun, Dream, & wanted each ones input.

  4. The best part of our culture is the commitment to always trying to get better. Continuous improvement is something that seems to have been overused, but when the culture is humble enough to readily admit “We can always be better” it is quite refreshing. Thanks for sharing Chris!

  5. “…but it all starts when YOU make a difference in your culture” – so true!
    One of the best parts of our team’s culture is summed up in the phrase: “One Team. One Mission.” We are all in it together, and you might agree that caring, commitment, and quality are all important in healthcare!
    In a hospital setting – everyone’s job matters, not just those who directly provide car to the patient.

  6. The best part of our culture is commitment to excellence and client-centered service. I notice this when new team members come on board. They have the skills and experience we need and yet they are surprised by the level of internal reviews they receive on their material. It’s not always easy and the feedback we provide for them is always geared toward delivering world-class content for our client.

    We recently had an incident with someone from a different organization and we all agreed that no one in our group would behave like this other person did. We treat each other with respect and communicate openly. It’s a great culture to be a part of!

  7. I worked at one place where we really worked as a team. We all had our specific responsibilities, but we all looked out for each other. When something needed to be done, it got done. We were able to do more with less people during a period of increased business!

  8. Chris, I love the topic of culture and what it means to an organization. Thanks for reaffirming the fact that culture will determine whether or not you have the champions you need to succeed.

  9. Chris! Just listened to the first audio lesson! Awesome!! Loved hearing you tell the brisket story live! That’s a blog classic!!

    Can’t wait to listen to all 5 lessons!!

    I love the fact that in our team culture now we can all joke and enjoy working. I’ve worked in so many places where fun wasn’t allowed–or might as well have been, because everyone was miserable. Now working in a place where you can enjoy yourself is huge for my morale, but also my productivity!

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