115 | Forgiving Yourself and Living Under Grace

Forgiving yourself is hard. I imagine that most of us have a hard time doing it.

Sometimes it’s just easier to accept the forgiveness of other people and never deal with our own emotions and feelings. It just doesn’t feel “right” to forgive ourself. [cue LifePlan]

On today’s show Keith joins us and talks about an inspiring movie he recently watched and how it embodied the kind of grace and forgiveness we all should strive for.

The movie is, Fat,Sick & Nearly Dead, by Joe Cross and I bet a few of you have seen it.
For those of you who haven’t, here’s a preview:

If you’ve seen the movie, what were your thoughts?




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18 thoughts on “115 | Forgiving Yourself and Living Under Grace”

  1. Kylie J. Wilkerson

    Thank you for the thought-provoking conversation! It’s been on my list to to see however, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have thought about the Grace that is ours and the grace we can show towards others in our everyday lives. We’re all in this together. Good podcast!

  2. Loved the discussion and most of all the motivation the film gives to all walks of life. It doesn’t have to be weight, it can be sooo many other obstacles that hinder us from being who we should be! Great stuff.

  3. Haven’t seen that movie yet but after listening to the podcast I definitely want to. As we get older we should be more health conscious of what we are putting in our bodies. Great conversation and I hope there is more. Love to hear about Keith’s journey with the juicing!

      1. OK I’m ready to try this juicing. How can I find out about to also help my daughter who had tried for a long time to lose the weight. And she is putting herself down.

  4. Loved the discussion! Haven’t seen the movie yet, but after listening to this I definitely want to. Its refreshing to hear how there are people still helping others and demonstrates the love and grace that we are all called to share. Great Job!!!

  5. Connie Seifert Siders

    Keith did a great job of telling a unique story that could be applied to a number of experiences in our own life. The subject of forgiving myself is very difficult for me however I am learning to do it. I also have found, since I am older, that age gives you the advantage to understand the “good” outcome of many of our downfalls….grace.

    Many times I find that the incidents that were devastating to me at the time later gave me the ability to help someone going through that same thing. If you are willing to share your story with them, they get hope in the fact that they are not alone and that there is hope.

    Thanks, Keith. Hope to hear more from you

  6. I have not seen this movie but would love to see it. Loved the discussion. This shows how we should always be willing to help someone not knock them. Keith did a great job. Looking forward to hearing more stories.

  7. Cheryl Lawrence

    Excellent conversation! Keith, your overview of the movie paired with the discussion on God’s grace has not only encouraged me to view the movie, but has motivated me to redouble my efforts to regain my health. Also, a great reminder of the importance of extending that same grace to others in my life.
    My interest is piqued … would love to hear more from you, Keith.

  8. As I listened to the the discussion I was reminded that God’s grace is free to all who will accept it. We as Christians should be as willing to forgive others as Christ is to forgive us. We need to be in the business of lifting people up instead of tearing them down. Just as Joe did with Phil, even when Joe fell and gained all of his weight back, he was willing to help him instead of making him feel more like a failure. Good job, Keith! I’d be interested in seeing the movie. Good example of how we should treat others.

  9. Maxine Holloway

    What a great discussion! Movie looks so good! It reminded me that we need to forgive ourselves and to look at ourselves positively. In return we need to encourage others and forgive them! Also said to me that we all fall short and make poor choices but God forgives! We need to always look to Him!
    Also reminded me how important taking care of our health is! Great job Keith! Look forward to more discussions.

  10. Listening to this story, I can see myself on so many levels. I constantly struggle with my weight and there are times I look in the mirror and just despise the way I look. I’ve found that sometimes it’s hard to get myself motivated but after listening to your discussion, I look forward to watching the movie and getting back on the right track. I especially liked Keith’s parallel of the man gaining his weight back to a Christian who falls. Well, I’ve been there too, on both counts! None of us are perfect but Gods grace shows us that we’re still precious in His eyes and regardless if we have no one else who will support us and encourage us when we’re down, He’s always there. I really enjoyed listening and I have to say that Keith has an awesome voice for radio. I hope he will be on again. You two had a nice rapport. 🙂 Thank you!

  11. Nice discussion! Great reminder of what grace is! I have not seem the movie, but am definitely going to try. Blessings to you, Keith!

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