The Greatest Team

(on-demand lesson bundle)

Are you looking to create the greatest team possible? Then this lesson bundle will give you the steps to hire the right people, build a culture that people want to join and protect, and create a team that gets more done...with excellence.




Most leaders would say they haven't created their Greatest Team - but they would like to.

What's holding you back from creating that? Are you finding it difficult to hire the right people? Do you struggle to create a culture that people want to be a part of? Do team members truly understand the importance of excellence, growth, and improvement? Do you struggle to lead team members when they make mistakes or fail?

The reality is that creating The Greatest Team does not happen overnight. There isn't a magic pill. Instead, it takes hard work, guidance, direction, trust-building, tough conversations, grace, and consistency. If you aren't ready to take that on, then you aren't ready to create The Greatest Team. But if you are ready, then get started right now! You can't let your team continue on the path they're on.

Creating The Greatest Team starts with utilizing tools to help guide you


Before & After Assessments

A self-assessment at the beginning and end of each lesson helps you to know where you're strong, where you're not, and what to focus on to lead more effectively.


On-Demand Video Lessons

On-demand access to in-depth video lessons that have been broken down into bite-sized modules, as well as step-by-step directions so you implement with success. Everything has been customized so you can go at your own pace.


High-Quality, Color Workbooks

Each lesson comes with a comprehensive workbook that becomes your go-to playbook to make decisions with greater confidence and less procrastination.


Templates and Worksheets

Transition from learning to implementing with ease when you use done-for-you templates and worksheets for all actionable steps in every lesson. Take the time-consuming guesswork and overwhelm out of creating leadership processes for these critical skillsets.

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The Greatest
Team Lessons

The lessons included in The Greatest Team are designed to help you build exactly that. The content, steps and processes are proven from years of experience and applications that our clients have used to create great teams and grow their businesses with less stress and greater profit.

Happy African American male boss welcoming new hired employee

Lesson 1: hiring with excellence

Let's face it...finding and hiring great people has become even tougher. Give yourself every advantage by learning the ins and outs of how to attract champions, interview and hire with confidence, set new team members up for success on day 1, and keep them longer.

Lesson 2: Developing and Leading Key Result Areas

The KRA is all about setting direction, achieving high-quality communication, setting expectations, and increasing productivity on your team because everyone knows what winning looks like in their role.

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Lesson 3: Leading a Culture of Accountability

A lack of quality accountability is usually at the heart of many issues on a team. In fact, it's the second biggest problem in most teams, behind a lack of quality communication.

Lesson 4: Creating a Culture of Champions

Will you create culture, or suffer in whatever shows up?

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Sad Fired Young Employee businessmen hold boxes including pot plant and documents for personal belongings unemployment, resigned concept

Lesson 5: Firing with Integrity

Firing a team member can be one of the most stressful times in a leader's career.

Fears, frustrations and emotions run high, and this is why every leader MUST have a playbook for firing.

Two Tiers to Help You Create The Greatest Team

We use "Creating a Culture of Champions" regularly to hire people who meet our values and culture and, in some cases, remove team members who no longer align with our culture.

  • Patrick Devereux, Owner
  • FMS Pharmacy

Learning what accountability really is and how to improve it has changed our team so much. There's no way we would be as successful or would have grown like we have without improving accountability. These lessons have been game-changers for us.

  • Magnus Simonarson, President
  • Consultwebs

Hiring has always been so challenging (and definitely not one of my favorite things). The "Hiring with Excellence" lesson helped me create a great hiring process and onboard team members really well on day 1. The templates and resources were a huge help in getting everything in place!

Andy Zimmerman, President
Zimmerman Mulch and Landscape Products

Firing is never fun. In fact, I've delayed firing and kept team members longer than I should have more times than I want to admit. But "Firing with Integrity" helped me to see the importance of handling the firing process well, not only for myself but for the team member and the rest of the team. I still don't find firing fun, but I now have the tools and confidence to do it when the time comes.

  • Eric Sebast, President
  • Don Brown Bus Sales, Inc.

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