127 | How Businesses Win At Sales

Do you want to know how businesses win at sales?

It’s pretty simple…INTEGRITY. Not compromising just to make a buck.
Trust me, it will always come back to bite you.

I asked Joel to join me on the show to talk a little bit about our sales process and how he focuses on integrity when selling.

Here’s what Joel and I cover on the show:

  • How to have integrity when selling
  • Joel’s philosophy on servant selling
  • What you usually don’t find in sales people
  • How to guide the customer through serving
  • Sales techniques vs. Serving Techniques
  • How to help people trust you
  • What causes someone to break integrity?
  • Do you believe in what you’re selling?

I believe integrity is critical to growing your sales process. And as the leader it’s your job to instill integrity into the DNA of your company culture.


Question: How have you experienced a lack of integrity in business?

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3 thoughts on “127 | How Businesses Win At Sales”

  1. Joel or Chris, do you guys have a good book or resource on integrity selling? Really enjoyed hearing this approach, and I’ve been taught incorrectly at other jobs I’ve held. Thanks.

    1. Hi Frank! Glad you enjoyed this episode! I recommend following Rory Vaden for sure. He runs a sales coaching business and what he teaches is solid and his heart is fantastic. Is there anything specific to sales you’d like to learn more about?

      1. Thanks Joel. I guess the biggest thing is the progression of questions to ask from initiating a sale, to prospecting, to closing. I realize the questions would be specific to whatever your selling. But if in a future podcast you could come up with a generic line of questioning, or give some examples of conversations / questions you commonly use when offering a lifeplan or coaching option to someone. Thanks, keep up the good work!

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