163 | How Clear Is Your Decision-Making?

One of the things that can absolutely destroy your business, long term, is a bad decision-making process.

Some people make decisions because they’re afraid. They’re afraid of something, they’re afraid something’s going to happen, they’re afraid, whatever, fill-in-the-blank.

They make really bad decisions. There are ton of leaders who don’t make decisions because of fear.

There are a bunch of leaders and entrepreneurs that struggle with their identity being what they do or their business. Your business is what you do, it’s not who you are.

It is an element of who you are. It is a piece of who you are, but it is not who you are.

You’re also a son, or a daughter, or a father, or a mother, or a brother. Some of you are followers of Christ, some of you are race car drivers, like me.

Some of you are fill-in-the-blank, whatever it is. This is one piece of who you are.

I also see leaders that are constantly shut down to a force-of-habit thinking, where they only think one way.

“This kind of stuff is never going to work, I’m the only one who can do this, nobody on my team is fast enough to make this happen, if we put this thing in place, it’s going to fail.”

They get stuck in this place of thinking the same thought that they’ve had for years, and wondering why they wake up one day, and they’re in the same exact place because they’ve had the same force-of-habit thinking.

Force-of-habit thinking can absolutely destroy you in your decision-making process, period.

And what about the work-life balance? It’s not equal. They’re not equal parts, but you need to have a balance in your life.

If you’re spending too much time at work, if you’re a workaholic and you’re working 80 hours a week every single week, as if the ox is in the ditch every single time, guess what?

You’re not spending time with your family. Guess what? You’re not spending time getting out into nature, enjoying a vacation, and refueling yourself.

You’re not spending time with friends. You are being isolated.

Here’s some things you can do this week.

Ask yourself the following questions:


You have to ask why. Why this, why that, why? Dig, dig, dig. Get as much information. Talk to as many people as you can. Talk to your leaders, talk to your team.

Get great, clear perspective. How much time do you have to gain perspective? Go ballistic. Gather as much information as you can.


What am I afraid of in making this decision? Where’s my fear here? What is causing me to worry? What is causing me concern? I’m afraid that this is going to impact people negatively.

Do you have enough perspective on that?

Do you see how it’s going to do it? I’m afraid that this may not work out. Do you have enough information on what it looks like when it does work out and when it doesn’t work out?

What is the basis for that information? Are you assuming that it’s not going to work out? Look at everything that’s causing you to be afraid of making the decision.


Is somebody pushing me? Is somebody pressuring me? Is a situation pressuring me? What is the thing? Am I making the decision because of fear?


Start removing things from the table. Things like, “I’m not willing to make this decision if this happens. I’m not willing to make the decision if that happens.”

Those would be elements that you can say, “if this is going to be the outcome, then no is the answer. I’m not going to do this.” Start removing those pieces.

Start removing excuses. “I don’t know if we can get this done in this time frame.” Why not? Is there things holding you up or is this more important than other things?

Start removing those elements. Dig, dig, dig, and pull things off the table.


How is this going to impact my team? How is this going to impact our revenues? Is this going to have a negative effect? Could it be something that if it failed miserably, that could put a huge dent in our finances?

If the answer is yes, yank it off the table, period. If the answer is no, the outcome can be controlled. This is a variable situation.


Question is this a long term, a short term, a permanent decision?


What happens if we don’t? Is everything going to be okay? Is everything going to be copacetic, same as always? Or is that going to impact us in a negative way?

What if we don’t pull the trigger on this bad boy? Does that, all of a sudden, cut opportunities out from underneath us? Look at that possibility.


What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen, and what’s the likelihood of it? Okay, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being not really at all, 10 being yeah, abso-stinking-lutely, how much do you think this has that possibility?


How do I feel about this process? What is your gut saying? If you have done all of these things and if you still feel weird in your stomach about making this decision, then pull back.

Do not make the decision. Hold off.

I believe it’s one of a couple of things. It could be God, very possibly. It could be that you are questioning whether or not you did get all the great information, or it could be that you’re questioning whether or not you trust the information.

Usually, it’s either a spiritual gut check or it’s a I don’t think I did my due diligence. As long as you go back and make sure you do your due diligence, and it’s still there, it is my belief, the world according to Chris, that its going to be a spiritual issue. Pull back, don’t do it.

Do this yourself, and what you’ll find is every big decision that you make going forward, whether it be business or life, you will have a new force-of-habit thinking.

Ask these questions to make sure you get to absolute clarity, so you make the strongest decisions possible.

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