221 | How Good Leaders Deal with Gossip, Conflict, and Accountability on Their Teams

What to do when your leadership team and colleagues…

…gossip, create conflict, play the blame game, struggle with accountability, or just don’t communicate well.

When you’re dealing with gossip…

The leader must recognize it, and know it’s happening. That’s step one. When it comes to dealing with your team members, always try as best as possible to be the greatest example I can to everyone else. That means that I will also not participate in gossip. Gossip is a cancer in your culture.

If the person you’re talking to about something negative cannot solve the problem, then you’re gossiping.

So many team members will gossip when they don’t feel like they have a leader who listens. It does not JUSTIFY the gossip, but it helps you understand why people are doing what they’re doing.

Here’s what you can do if you’re dealing with conflict, gossip, lack of accountability, or the blame game on a leadership team, or with your colleagues. Listen here:

  • Why your team gossips [7:47]
  • The two different styles of gossip [8:17]
  • What Personality Styles have to do with gossip [14:00]
  • How to communicate with leaders about gossip, make it their realization [18:10]
  • What to say to shut down gossip in the moment [21:53]
  • Biblical perspective on gossip [30:05]
  • Doing your work as unto the Lord [31:40]
  • How to communicate about accountability and expectation [34:46]
  • How to get results with your communication [38:18]
  • How to “force” culture [45:35]
  • Creating buy-in [47:10]

Question: How have you dealt with gossip in your culture, or with your team members?




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