270 | How High-Performing Leaders Manage Their Time (Rebroadcast)

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You cannot be a quality leader if you are not constantly pouring into yourself.

Daily personal growth is tough when you own a business, or you’re a leader.

For this Q&A we dive into this question:

“How do I manage my time so I can have the right balance of own professional development, along with time spent managing team and hospital and figuring everything else out…?”

Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode:

  • How to determine where and how you spend your time in personal growth
  • What a weekly focus on leadership growth looks like
  • What I always recommend for personal growth
  • How to manage your hiring process to give you more time
  • The biggest key in your hiring process
  • How to attract the right people to your business and keep them there
  • What the Leadership Crazy Cycle is, steps to get out of it
  • 90 Day Initiatives
  • BHAGs

Listen here:


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Are you a brave leader?

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