239 | How To Make Your Best, Better with Mark Sanborn

Narrow the gap between how good you are and how good you want to be.

“The only thing harder than becoming the best at what you do, is becoming the  best and continuing to get better.”

On today’s show we have Mark Sanborn, who is the president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., an idea lab for leadership development. He has written or co-authored 8 books (including a New York Times Best Seller) and is the author of more than two dozen videos and audio training programs on leadership, change, teamwork and customer service. He has presented over 2400 speeches and seminars in every state and a dozen countries.

The roadside is littered with companies who were the dominant players…

The only thing that beats best is better. You have to have the courage to get better.

On this podcast Mark gives a process to improve yourself and your performance regardless of how good you are.

The Potential Principle will not only get your head in the right place, but also give you the tools and framework to do it. There are deep dives on the content, and action steps at the end of every chapter. Mark’s book is going to show you ways to get to the potential you haven’t reached. Go to http://www.potentialprinciple.com/

On this episode, you will discover:

  • The process to make your best, better
  • How our minds think backwards, and hold us back from possibility
  • The Potential Matrix
  • How to leave less on the table in your goal setting
  • The Pygmalion effect, and why it matters to leaders and people seeking to grow
  • Why highly successful people are more often disappointed
  • Where long-term agendas can hold back your growth
  • Why confidence can’t based on adequacy, and the kind of confidence that bring growth
  • Why a lack of critical thinking is a rising trend in the U.S.

Listen here:

Question: Which archetype do you most relate to, and how do you navigate?


Get the Potential Principle and your free worksheet here: http://www.potentialprinciple.com/

Mark Sanborn

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