226 | How To Be The Strong Father Your Children Need with Dr. Meg Meeker

On this episode of The Chris LoCurto Show, I’m talking with the brilliant Dr. Meg Meeker, who has spent more than 30 years practicing pediatric and adolescent medicine, and counseling teens and parents. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and serves on the Advisory Board of the Medical Institute. And we’re discussing how to be the strong father your children need. Folks, this content is powerful.

This will change your family tree, your kids’ lives, and the kind of adults they become.

In addition to the awesome things I listed above that Dr. Meeker has accomplished, she is also the bestselling author of several books, including Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. She has appeared on just about every big national show you can thing of. Dr. Meeker and her husband Walter live in Michigan with their four children.

Kids needs their fathers. Wait, kids NEED their fathers, and they need a hero. Dr. Meg Meeker wrote Hero: Being The Strong Father Your Children Need to show married dads, divorced dads, widowed dads, and stepdads how to be a hero–a father.

“Whether you know it or not, if you’re a dad, you’re a hero. If you want what is best for your children―if you want what is best for you―you should strive to be a hero father.”

Dr. Meeker’s book is going to show you how.

Go to Dr. Meeker’s website, learn more about what she teaches, and get your copy of Hero: Becoming The Strong Father Your Children Need.

On this episode, you will discover:

  • The casualties of feminism on fathers
  • Our generation’s father crisis
  • How kids see their fathers, and what they need from them
  • What “big” things you need to get right with your kids
  • How carrying around expectations from our fathers affects our adult lives
  • What dads are designed to do, that moms aren’t
  • The must how-to for dads and their teenage daughters
  • How to step up as a dad, when you have a strong-willed spouse
  • How to parent and communicate with your spouse when there’s conflict
  • The questions you never want your grown up kids to ask you, and how to prevent them from asking
  • How to exercise your authority as a parent and spouse, the right way
  • The difference between coaching and leading your children

Question: Which archetype do you most relate to, and how do you navigate?

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Hero: Becoming The Strong Father Your Children Need

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