112 | How To Become A Leadership Coach

how to become a leadership coach, executive coach

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Hi Folks!

I’ve got Keith on the show with me today and we are talking about how you can become a leadership coach.

Keith asks me all your questions about becoming a leadership or business coach.

I talk a little about my journey and steps that I think you can take if you are wanting to take your career in that direction.

If you are thinking about becoming a coach – this episode is for you!


Question: Are you trying to become a coach? Why?

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6 thoughts on “112 | How To Become A Leadership Coach”

  1. I’m not trying to become a leadership coach, but I am working on helping people with their podcasts and websites. Coaching and/or consulting is part of the work I’m doing.

        1. Not necessarily, coaching can be done in groups, and consulting can be done 1 on 1. Many use the terms interchangeably in business.

          I’d say one way to look at the difference between coaching and consulting is how much the client leads the agenda.

          Normally, consultants are a bit more direct in their approach (like a doctor) – Examine, Question, Diagnose, Advise.

          A coach will tend to follow the client’s agenda (even in a group setting), believe that the client knows how to get where they want to go, and then asks powerful questions to provide insight, awareness and learning for the client. Then they would build an action plan together.

          But, like I said, these two terms are used interchangeably quite often.

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