197 | How to Care for Employees with PTSD

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For leaders, it can be difficult to deal with mental health in the workplace. It’s not an easy topic, and many leaders do not have the resources and tools they need to make their employees successful. 

For today’s Q&A we dive into this question:

“I have employees who are responsible for doing advertising sales, and just over a year ago I hired a disabled military vet with PTSD. This is my first experience as a business owner with hiring veterans and while I’m compassionate to his challenges, I really don’t understand them. I also recently hired another individual who was a victim of years of abuse. I am committed to finding ways to provide them with the tools they need to succeed. They have a great work ethic, but I feel like I’m failing them. What do I do to address the situation?

This is a difficult, powerful subject. Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode:

  • How to lead a team member with PTSD or other trauma
  • The tools and resources you need as a leader dealing with employee’s mental health
  • Understanding PTSD triggers, and “fight or flight” mode
  • Where these responses come from in their Root System
  • How fear attacks the brain
  • The biggest piece of healing PTSD
  • What food, diet, and EMDR have to do with PTSD
  • What part Next-Level Life plays in recovery
  • A just “getting over yourself,” or “solving this” mindset is detrimental
  • How to turn your focus away from trauma


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1 thought on “197 | How to Care for Employees with PTSD”

  1. Chris Kenber Business Coach

    Mental health in the workplace is indeed a difficult topic. It is my belief that many leaders sadly either do not believe that the person in question actually has a problem, or worse still believe that their own superiority as a leader means that they could never possibly be affected by mental health issues

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