218 | How To Deal With A Passive Aggressive Leader, and Stop People Pleasing

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On today’s show, we are taking questions from our listeners on how to deal with a passive aggressive leader, and people pleasing.

Passive aggressive behavior is the opposite of gaining perspective, and having healthy, upfront communication.

When you’re dealing with passive aggressive people…

The key is why. Why are they being passive aggressive? There is something going on with that person, something they’re experiencing. Maybe they’re struggling with something involving you!!

Here’s what you can do if you’re on the receiving end, or feeling passive aggressive. Listen here:

  • Why people are passive aggressive [4:25]
  • How to have the conversation [6:00]
  • How to prevent passive aggressive conflict [9:00]
  • What personality styles have to do with conflict [13:00]

On our second listener question, I answer how to stop people pleasing, and what it has to do with your Root System. Our caller asks how to stop people pleasing, and his breakthrough from 10 Signs You’re A People Pleaser.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The steps to take to create healthy relationships [20:45]
  • Signs you’re a people pleaser [20:10]
  • Difference between walls and boundaries [23:20]

Question: How have you dealt with a passive aggressive leader, or learned to stop people pleasing?

Clarity creates unity


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