185 | How to Deal with Unproductive Criticism

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We have so much crappy culture in our country. No one is standing up and teaching, “quit your complaining, do something about it.”

Folks, it’s not easy to create incredible culture in your business.

It can be exhausting dealing with critics and naysayers in your business when you’re trying to create positive culture. Sometimes it’s unproductive criticism…


Here’s what we cover on today’s episode:

  • How to create a culture of positivity
  • How to deal with unproductive, critical “suggestions”
  • Most beneficial way to reason with your critics
  • Understanding artistic personalities in the decision making process
  • How to manage your business when you move across the globe
  • How to find a trusted leader to fill your shoes as you transition to owner
  • My advice on “leasing” clients and switchbacks

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