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podcast how to find your voice

Joel Boggess’s ReLaunch Show has been named one of the top five shows to jump start your inspiration and one of the top twenty business podcasts of 2015.

On today’s podcast Joel shares his discoveries about the value of determination, persistence, and faith on all sides. He illustrates how those three actions brought about a new beginning. Joel believes everyone has a message that is unique to them and the greatest gift we can give is to share that message.

As a bonus, Joel has given us his top 7 mistakes that podcasters make. Click below to receive your copy.

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Here are a few tips from the show:

  • Refuse to be set up for frustration by “ten tips to do this” and “twelve strategies for that.” Instead try one, try two, try three until you find what helps you in your professional and personal journey.
  • Connect to who you really are, not who other people think you should be but who you were actually created to be.
  • Find the medium that matches you. If it’s not a book, maybe it’s a podcast, or YouTube videos, or whatever you are excited about doing. Then build a launch plan.
  • Find people to be on your launch team.
  • Write out your own tweets; then let your launch team re-tweet and re-post. Then all they have to do is re-click. This helps them be successful in your cause. People are so glad to do that. You then make THEM successful.
  • Make your posts practical with valuable takeaways.
  • Remember that people are hungry for your message, not everyone but do serve the ones who resonate with your message.
  • Find 10 or 20 questions people are asking in your area. Then answer those. Become the expert whether it’s exterminating bugs, starting over, or being the best administrative professional you can be.
  • Meet the needs of television and other producers.

Read Joel’s book Finding Your Voice: Sort through the Clutter; Discover Clarity, Confidence and Direction.

Learn more about Joel at relaunchshow.com and follow him on Twitter at @ReLaunch.


Click here to download the transcript of this week’s episode.

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