76 | How to Fix Your Sales

How to fix your sales process

Every person is in sales. Let me say it again, EVERY PERSON IS IN SALES.

I doubt there’s anyone reading this that isn’t selling in some capacity – we all have some aspect of sales in our lives and businesses.

On the show today I’m going to go through a process of questions that you should have in place to grow your sales. Are your sales struggling? Do you know how to increase it?
I’m about to give you a framework for reverse engineering your sales success.

You’ll learn:

  • How your product could be leading to poor sales.
  • How to price your product.
  • How your customers can help you fine tune your offer.
  • The real reason for marketing.
  • The importance of a sales pitch. Your reps do have an actual sales pitch right?
  • Why you need sales metrics.
  • The vital role of productivity for your sales reps

If todays podcast leaves you feeling overwhelmed or you do not see a clear path to sales growth, schedule a sale coaching call with Joel Fortner so you can fix this TODAY.
Trust me…he will make you look like a rock star!



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  1. Great episode on the podcast. It’s good to remember that you have to understand the personality of your salespeople AS WELL AS the customer. When their styles match the productivity and customer experience both increase!

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