How To Get A Raise and Leading Older Employees

how to get a raise

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We’ve got a great show for you today!

We talk about our favorite Super Bowl commercial and the biggest duds.
I answer some tough questions.
Keith slow jams the Loctite commercial.
It gets crazy!

The AskChris questions have been pouring in and we are digging it!

John Mark asks the question, “what’s the best way to approach getting a raise or promotion?”.
A fabulous question!
I’m a fan of people asking for more money. In fact, I kind of like it when my hires do it. 🙂

Show the value…and I’ll show you the money!

Our second question comes from Brian and he asks, “how do you lead people who are older and more experienced than you?”.
Wow – a tough one.

This one comes down to respect. They want to know you respect them and will fight for them.
Help them become successful and you’ll build a strong team.

A few of the many highlights from this podcast:

  • Who won the SuperBowl Commercial “Super Dud Award”
  • Our favorite half-time commercials
  • The Loctite Slow Jam about 6 min in
  • The best strategy for getting more money in your job
  • Are you willing to walk away?
  • How to lead older, more experienced people
  • How to earn respect
  • Dealing with gossip

Keep giving us the questions – we love it!

If you’ve got a question for me or the team, go to and you might be featured on the next episode!

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