53 | How To Get the Job You Want

Today we are talking about how to get the job you want.
And to all the entrepreneurs listening…this applies to you too!
You’ll discover how I handle the interview process. Here’s a hint, it has little to do with a resume.

how to get the job you want



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How To Get the Job You Want

When it comes to getting your dream job most people focus on the resume. A lot of career advice is geared towards resume tips and tricks.
I can tell you, that as an entrepreneur, a resume is not the thing that gets you the job.
It may get you in the door but it won’t seal the deal.

I’m looking deeper than a piece of paper.
I’m looking for you to show me that you can solve a problem that I have.
I’m looking for you to show me how you can make me money.
Do this…and you’ve got a job!

So let’s play a little entrepreneurial game:
In the comments section, I want you to sell me on how you could make me money. How could you be the solution to a problem we have?

The team and I will pick the best comment and The WINNER will get the PERSONALITY STYLES VIDEO – In-depth personality style training for FREE. That’s a $99 value if we choose your comment as the best one.
And you may just get a job offer too!
So leave your comment below.



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Meet Chris LoCurto


Chris has a heart for changing lives by helping people discover the life and business they really want.

Decades of personal and leadership development experience, as well as running multi-million dollar businesses, has made him an expert in life and business coaching. personality types, and communication styles.

Growing up in a small logging town near Lake Tahoe, California, Chris learned a strong work ethic at home from his full-time working mom. He began his leadership and training career in the corporate world, starting but at E'TRADE.

25 thoughts on “53 | How To Get the Job You Want”

  1. As you mentioned Chris you are the big picture guy. That is
    where you excel and that is where you need to focus. I am the guy who can grasp your big picture and manage the project details to make it happen. I am able track each task (small or large) and when needed be the bulldog to get the information needed when things bog down. I am able to communicate across diverse teams to include sales, billing / finance, IT, vendors and the customer. I can get them all to work together for the common objective. I would provide you with concise reporting so you remain confident on the progress. Throw in my ability to quickly acquire new skills, provide the best customer service and team supervision and you get a pretty good deal. – Oh, and best of all,
    I want the job.

      1. I guess my approach is different than the others. I will admit I am not your new product guy. That is your strength. I would free you to have more time to innovate and create. My role would drastically shorten your to market time line there by cutting your development costs and allowing you to have a larger product offering available at one time. More product – more money coming in.

  2. One of your main problems is that your time as a coach isn’t scalable. Two options: one could be to develop other coaches to duplicate yourself. Two, try to distill down the principles behind your Life Plan process to create a product to sell online. Maybe it could be a membership site or a video series with different levels of price for personal coaching.

    What is your company’s mission and vision?

  3. I agree with Nick. I work with local small business consultants / coaches to help them turn their processes into products. The majority of them follow the same steps every time with their clients, whether in Colorado or Indiana, whether a non-profit or a for-profit organization.

    I am currently working with a local business owner to turn his process into a product. We are documenting his process on paper then plotting out the strategy to turn his steps into an online course. The course will contain videos and an accompanying workbook that will walk clients through his process step-by-step without him needing to be there in person.

    The online course will be sold at a reduced rate from his in-person services, while at the same time he will raise his rates for the on-site service. The online course will become the place he sends new prospective clients first. In addition we are also reviewing the possibility of adding a private Facebook group and once a month webinars to cover commonly asked questions as a part of the online offering.

    I can see you doing the same. Creating an online Life Plan course and potentially a Strategic planning online course as well. This would help free up your time for other revenue generating activities. If interested I can give you access to a personal branding course I’ve created so you can see an example of what’s possible.

    Once you have your online courses in place, you can look at scaling each into a conference or live event; Assuming you know someone who knows how to put together a live event…oh, wait.

    Of course a VIP session with you would be available at a higher price during the live event. Attendees could get access to a private Facebook page where the conversation will continue without you needing to be present.

    Can you see a Life Plan conference in your future? I can.

    Thanks for what you do.

  4. Hey Chris – Creating sources for passive revenue appears to be an opportunity that you have not taken advantage of. I can take content that you have aleady produced from your podcast, videos, and blog and generate products. These products will allow your audience to digest all of your previous content through one source. Also It will allow you to reach a broader audience by selling through multiple different mediums including the Kindle Store, Auidible, and paid membership. In turn, I can help broaden your reach and establish multiple passive revenue sources where you can generate income while doing what you are passionate about, coaching.

      1. While I don’t have specific examples of turning content into various media outlets, I do have general web development examples including a successful eCommerce store (http://www.ropesgear.com).
        I would love to have the chance to show you the products that I can produce with some of your current content.

  5. As a LifePlan attendee, I have experienced first hand the powerful impact of this process in a person’s life. I WANT to be part of it, like I want a Minnesota winter with very little snow.

    Three ways I can help you grow your business and increase revenue:

    1. Become a LifePlan coach. You have facilitated 30+ LifePlan sessions this year so far. Having an additional coach doubles your income and duplicates your reach. I have 20+ years experience in education and training environments and have facilitated learning for large and small groups in ministry, schools and business environments. As a knowledgable influencer, I connect well with people and help them set actionable goals for the future.

    2. Train others to become LifePlan coaches at The Poimen Group. The need to have more people facilitating the process is evident. I can design a solid onboarding and training program that allows the process to be replicated with specific standards and guidelines dictated by LifePlan and Strategic Planning principles, so the experience for the attendees is exceptional every single time. With the training strategy and curriculum goes the design of materials and resources for coaches. Growing the coaching team obviously multiplies income, influence and reach of the organization.

    3. Design the content/curriculum strategy for the business. This involves setting a master plan on how to make LifePlan and Strategic Planning accessible to those who cannot commit to the 1:1 sessions. It includes audience analysis, best delivery options for different types of content (1:1, one-day sessions, conferences and other live events, online courses, ebooks, webinars) aligned with your business goals and your audience’s goals. It goes beyond taking existing content and repurposing for sale. It is building a content architecture for LifePlan and Strategic Planning. The value of this strategy is multiplying channels to deliver content and provide world-class products that make a true impact in people’s lives.

  6. Wow this is a tough one. I am particularly gifting in three areas: music ministry/business (I’m a Christian hip-hop artists, indie label owner, and digital music marketer), music ministry leadership, and I teach the how to information of music ministry and music business. So I have no idea how this could make you money, unless you are going to get back into events as you were at Dave Ramsey’s company. Then I could bring out myself and various artist of the 12 that I have on my label to perform worship and hip-hop music at your events. lol! So in away their is no evident fit for us.

    On the other hand I have been learning from Dan Miller the ability to transfer skills that a person uses in the area of their passion in other settings. And since I DO know that to be true then here are three ways that I could make you money.

    1. You sale digital products! That’s cool beans for me because they specifically are in the niche of leadership. That’s something I am passionate for as I blog at Ricardo Equips Artists Leaders (RicardoEquips.com). In some of my leadership coaching & consulting I’ve been using these generic personality tests. It would be much easier for me to just recommend them to you sort of as an affiliate, but in this case I make no money. I just think what you teach is awesome and in my opinion you are the go to guy on personalities and temperaments. I can create links on my own website and recommend your digital products.

    2. I don’t know if you still do public speaking, but that is a passionate of mine that I do in churches and youth groups (being that I am a Christian hip-hop artists {Here comes the shameful plug} that goes by the name Reason Disciple). My primary topics are again leadership, ministry development, and again, music and creative arts ministry/business.

    3. This one probably won’t count but a … dude you are just freaking awesome! And I just love you as a person and what you do. Man you have no idea how much you have helped me to grow as a leader and minister. And we’ve spoken on all most every social media outlet that we both are on. And that shows me that you care even about the little people. You are not the big guy in the corporate office that has your assistant answering all your emails, blog comments, Facebook posts, and Twitter tweets! Just because of that love you showed me, though to others our simple gestures are a huge deal and example to me that I use to lead my wife and kids and my music team. So because I am a teacher I am teachable and passionate for learning and the process of learning, not just to acquire the knowledge.

    I noticed below that you asked for reference to work/website, so here is my main blog @ http://www.ricardoequips.com/

  7. Señor LoCurto: Mi Jefe! I will help you tap into the Hispanic Market and blow your vision out of the water!!! I will translate anything you have available (written or audio) and grow small to large business of women and men that may be able to better relate with a Coach like me in their own language and lingo. In addition, I can help with providing you with insights when tackling a business owner dealing with a strong or weak Latino workforce. Lastly, I am a Public Speaker (according to my Mom) and can engage in seminars, group sessions, meetings, conferences and provide proficiency in both Languages (Russian and English) Spanish available for a small fee. Ok, only $19.99. I can also be your personal interpreter whenever needed. I assume you will not need me to translate WHERE IS THE BATHROOM for you. I will move any product in Spanish to change the lives of those Amigos who are also ready for a Fiesta and to grab the Toro by the Cuernos. ( I hope those are not curse words). Vamos!!! Let’s do this!

    Angel Rios (Grown man but with boyish looks)
    P.S. I am a Low D high I.

  8. Chris, I love disc! I love experiential training and over the last 17 years I have but the two together to see God do some wonderful things about pulling people together. Lately I have been working on an eBook that people can download to do a quick assessment in disc. It uses playing
    cards and included are a few games you can play with them to develop the communication on the team. I heard you mention that understanding personalities helps with avoiding conflict and I so agree! But what if you could play a couple of activities during a monthly meeting and talk about the communication in the office? More importantly the card game for assessment can be used as a quick
    method just to get conversation started. I have heard you say 80% percent of the interview should be them talking, not you. With the cards, simply ask why did you pick this attribute? What makes this you? Simple leading questions make for a great conversation.

    Chris I know this is about the contest but I really just want to know if I can help you with this. I am just starting out on my own and want to continue to help others. Would you mind looking this over and letting
    me know what you think? It is not finished. I have more to add. One of the things I want to do is add the cards at the back so people can print them out on their own and cut them out or send it the an office store to have them do it. Again I would love to know what you think. I love your podcast and your ministry to the work place.



  9. Hi Chris

    I would like to tell you why I make a valuable addition to
    your team—in a word, grit.

    Grit is something that you cannot teach, and has given me the ability to be successful during my seven years working in international development around the world. Among other things, one of my proudest achievements has been to survive three years in the resource constrained environment of South Sudan(Africa)— the newest country in the world. I was able to remain there from its
    independence to the start of the recent Civil War, during which I saw 24 of my peers come and go because they could not mentally handle the challenges there (from occasional lock downs due to insecurity to project implementation restrictions because of mud
    six months out of the year, to name a few).

    My positive attitude and strengths as a “relator” and “developer” as well as my high “steady” personality assisted me in remaining motivated throughout the hard times in order to fulfill my mission– to coach our South Sudanese Church partners so they could become independent in project implementation.

    From my experience working on five different continents I am
    sure I could add a different perspective and ensure your business has a more multi-cultural aspect. I am currently in the process of rolling out DISC to our team here in East Timor, and will let
    you know how it goes. If you would like to learn more about what I can offer, please contact me. I am very passionate about leadership and have listened to your advice since you were hosting Entreleadership. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.



  10. I’m a little late to the game, but I would love to help organize and facilitate group sessions. Lily already pointed out the limitations of 1-on-1 coaching, expanding into group sessions and events would be another way to extend your reach of influence and profits. The only events I’ve done has been a couple church youth events with 7-10 different churches. I have a small but growing and targeted audience between two podcasts. What I lack in experience, I make up for with passion and determination.

  11. Chris- lots of great ideas here. I believe it was J. Paul Getty that had a business philosophy that went something like this; He would rather have 1% effort of 100 people than 100% of only his own effort. And as noted by others in this blog, the suggestion of expanding your coaching team would bring in more income/profits.
    Certainly not a new idea but something to ponder.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with your followers.

  12. When Joel first mentioned to me that he might be joining you full time he and I discussed an idea that I thought would be good for the CLo brand. Here is the nickel tour version- Packages! Basically, I thought it could help some people that are on a restrictive budget access your service as well as create “VIP” status for clients that have strong budget. This would broaden your market initially to those without the larger budget. I believe that having your coaching would lead to the client increasing their revenue and increasing your market once again as they are able to increase their budget with you. In addition it can allow for the VIP treatment of those clients with a stronger budget. Possibly a package that included some more personal touches. For example: Package A would include the initial coaching session as well as 5 follow up 30 minute sessions and 5 email Q & A’s. This way someone that couldn’t afford the hour each month still gets access to you at a fair price for you both. Package B – the VIP Package might include the hour coaching monthly, a 30 minute session weekly and sneak peak access to the Dillanos roasts that will be featured on Coffee with Chris the following month. I don’t know where you would need to set pricing, but I think something like this could be beneficial.
    I’m happy to discuss more or help brainstorm. Joel said I can sleep on his couch for a few weeks when you hire me! Ok, maybe he didn’t but it would be cool if he did.

  13. Chris, I realize I’m late to the party having recently listened to this episode, but I appreciate the opportunity to pitch, so here goes…

    With a background in counseling and sport psychology, I’ve spend the last several years primarily working with athletic coaches, athletes and military Soldiers and leaders. My mission is to equip others to pursue their fullest God-given potential. From my perspective, this is congruent with what you do Chris. Most importantly, I would love to work alongside you and be a part of changing people’s lives. So, where can I add revenue?

    As others have mentioned, scaling is a huge challenge for service based businesses like ours. In my work with the military, I help oversee a team of highly qualified trainers and together we are able to reach a broader population with the variety of services we offer. With experience providing one and one coaching, small and large group training events and overseeing the development of other team members, I could help you reach more people by allowing you to offer additional live offers while maintaining the integrity of your services. I witnessed this in how Ken Davis and Michael Hyatt bring in high value coaches to provide more attendees with a high quality experience. With a model like that, you would avoid the fixed cost of full-time employees while training additional personal to supplement your team. I would love to lead that effort.

    Additionally, I know you are passionate about sports. Working with high pressure performance (although not drivers – yet!) is in my wheel house. I’m not sure how it fits within your current vision or personal brand but the potential is certainly there to expand into that market. I am hoping to do so myself by turning my experience and services into live and online products for coaches specifically teaching the brain science behind creating more effective/efficient practices, building skills faster and helping their teams come through in the clutch. This is really the meat of what I’ve done in athletic and military arenas.

    If the above gets your juices flowing, I would love the opportunity to talk with you further about how, together, we can make you more profit.

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