How to Get to Your Goals – Q&A Series

Before I dig into the video lesson, I have to send a huge thank you to everyone that has given survey feedback! Your responses and comments have been incredible!

Today’s video lesson is the final question and answer from this series. Jen (the wonderful host of The Iron Jen Show) asked for:

Goal setting is so much more than writing out a long list of goals and hoping you’ll get to them. You’ve got to take your overall vision or dream and break it down into steps.

  • Make the action steps attainable, think bite-size pieces.
  • Break the goal into daily, weekly or monthly targets.
  • If you fall behind, catch up!

That way, you’ve got a roadmap to actually hit your ultimate goal.

Question: How do you get to your goals?




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10 thoughts on “How to Get to Your Goals – Q&A Series”

  1. Great reminder Chris! It’s so easy to come up with and write down goals, but it’s much harder to stay focused on the smaller steps. I think it’s time for me to re-visit a few things. Too bad I can’t actually blow the dust off of my Evernote. 😉

    1. Bob! Yes, Evernote has helped give me a place to spout out dreams, goals, ect.. but this is the downfall for sure. I cant stop there. After listening to this, I went into my Evernote and typed in the “goal” tag. I had tons of stuff sitting there but never got it compiled on paper till now. Wow! Now that it’s on paper and hanging on the wall, there is power! I’m back in business. Helpful, Chris! Thanks!

  2. We’re told that writing a goal down makes it more likely you’ll get it complete. But I love how you went deeper and spoke about making actionable steps to get that goal complete. Not only does that help break it down to something that is manageable it also keeps you accountable towards your goal! Bravo Chris! Thank you for getting me thinking this morning!

  3. So true Chris. Something else that I have done that helps me is along with my goals I have a list of blessings and things that I have achieved. To often I have been so forward looking that I was not enjoying the moment. It reinforces that I am not where I want to be but thank God I am not where I use to be.

  4. I get to my goals by reviewing my vision, dreams and mission statements. I also realize that I need goals in the different areas of my life if I want to be successful; I can’t focus on one aspect of my life. The most effective way I keep myself on track is by printing the goal out in big letters and putting it in several places so that I see it everyday and can remind myself of the direction I’m heading. One place I get caught up on, though, is which goal to set first or next. There could be multiple ways that lead to my vision and dream; which one should I do first?

  5. I have such a hard time with this! I tend to be very visionary but also very tactical, but I have a hard time with the goal-making process in between. So I get caught in the dreaming process and stuck at the tactical level, but I struggle getting to the meat and potatoes of goals often! But this is such helpful knowledge to help bring the two together! Thanks Chris!

  6. In early December, my wife and I have our annual marriage goal retreat (see Marriage where we discuss our lives together including our business ideas, etc. We then will make a goal board with text and pictures and little boxes to check off the progress. These are the goals, but the specifics are kept on a different spreadsheet to help us with the incremental pieces. This past year we found we were too heavy on the financial….however, we are getting better every year!

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