108 | How To Get Unstuck

how to get unstuck

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What are the things that keep you from being phenomenal?

What keeps you from being great?

If you think about it like a car, you’ve got a brake pedal and a gas pedal – is your foot on the gas or the brake?
Most people have an idea of what holds them back but for some reason they don’t think of it actually slowing down their life.

These “brake pedals” could be keeping you from doing great things.

So… here’s what I want you to do:
Get our a pen and paper. (I want this to be visual.)

Using the Wheel of Life as a guide,  I want you to ask yourself, “What’s slamming on the breaks?”. Do this in each area.

  • What are the things in the financial area that is holding you back?
  • What’s slamming on your breaks in the spiritual area of your life?
  • …Physical
    • Are you exercising?
    • Do you feel great?
  • …Intellectual
    • Do you not feel smart enough?
    • Do you not feel good enough?
  • …Family
    • Are they telling you you can
    • Are they controlling?
    • Are they abusive?
  • …Social
    • Do you have good people in your life?
    • Are you surrounded by negative people?
  • …Career
    • Are you following your dreams?
    • Do you even know what your dreams are?
    • Is it a bad leader?
    • Are you giving 100%?
    • Are you afraid to fail?

Then rate them from zero to 100.
For example: How much is a fear of failure holding me back in my career? ( 70%)

Be sure to run through each area, write down your answers, and then process through them.
Why are they holding you back? Why are they brake pedals?
And, most importantly, how am I going to get my foot off the brake and on the gas?

This should begin to identify those major road blocks in your life and how to manage them better. Once you know what’s stopping you from reaching the next level then you can begin to create a plan on how to get there.
This is a lot of work but you can do it!

If you are having trouble or just want this at a deeper level, (like 100x!!!) then look into LifePlan.
This is one of the many things that we cover in order to make sure your foot is on the gas pedal for your life.

Question: Is your foot on the brake or the gas?


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1 thought on “108 | How To Get Unstuck”

  1. Hey Chris, this was a GREAT episode. I love how clear you were on the folks who say the scriptures aren’t relevant… they don’t deserve the time of day. Thanks for making that stand.

    I’m also very encouraged by the success the LORD is providing you and your business. There are so many in need of such clear, scriptural counsel. You’re a blessing.

    In this episode I was struck by the variety of things that can be blocking us, keeping us stuck in a non-productive, non-agressive place. It added a few tools to my toolbox for speaking with clients. I learn a lot from you… keep up the great work!

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