182 | How to Grow a Mastermind, and 3 Steps to Have a Better Conversation

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Folks, if you’ve been listening to me for any length of time then you know the number one issue when it comes to business, family, and friendships is having a lack of high quality communication…to make sure you are winning in every aspect of our life, start by understanding your personality style and those around you.

We’re diving into the DISC personality profile today. Is DISC new to you? Skim the basics here.

Our first podcast listener asks:

What resources can I tap into to be a better communicator overall, and spot personality styles and how to communicate with them in the best way to get the best results quickly?

Here’s what you’ll discover in today’s Live Call-in Q&A:

  • How to spot personality styles
  • How to communicate effectively based on personality style
  • Macro and micro elements of the DISC Profile
  • How personality profiles affect workplace productivity
  • Pricing a Mastermind Group
  • Running a Mastermind Group


Mentioned in this episode:

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