How To Have A Transparent Team

How To have A transparent team

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Do you want to create champions on your team?
It starts with you and it starts with honesty and transparency.

Most folks either think their team is very transparent of not transparent at all.

I unpack some of the truth around having open and honest teams and why this is critical to productivity.

And I’ve got a question for you: What are some of the ways you’ve emphasized transparency with your team?  Got any bad examples?
Let me know if the comments.


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1 thought on “How To Have A Transparent Team”

  1. Hi Chris, I completely agree with you that transparency is vital to a good team. I’ve learned that the hard-but-good way through 20 years leading small churches. Now I’m in the business world and it’s a much appreciated lesson that I’m able to apply more as I’m building a team and scaling the business.

    Hey, I also wanted to let you know that the contact page doesn’t have a contact form (though it says it does). I understand how things can get overwhelming, so it may have been removed intentionally – but the page still says it’s there. I thought you’d like to know.

    I also just wanted to say that I appreciate your show and the work you’re doing to help people do work, not BE work. I’m finding that to be a careful balance as my company grows. I’m still in the stage where we’re having to build and tweak systems, which is taking up so much of my time. But I’m keeping my wife in the loop and working toward the day when I see the systems freeing up my time to build the business even more. Anyway… TMI, but I want you to know you’re making a difference in lives, and in the kingdom of God. Thanks!

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