223 | How To Help Others Rise Strong


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So you messed up…

…what happens when you screw up? When you do something stupid? For those of us that are Christians, what happens when you sin, and how do you solve it?

This is something every person who walks the planet struggles with, we all mess up. But this isn’t about Christianity and laws and rules. The law was given to be a guide. We want people around us that can help us. People that we can trust. Unfortunately, when we turn to others for support we get judgement, self-righteousness, or responses that make us never want to share our problems with another human, again…okay maybe not all of you have had that experience, but some of us have.

How do you find someone who cares, and still loves you through those tough situations? Someone who is a trusted confidant, and wants to see you succeed.

We created a Healthy Accountability List from this episode content to help you find the right people. Print it, or save it to your phone or computer:

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Here’s what you’ll discover on today’s show. Listen here:

  • How to love someone through their stupidity vs. endorsing it
  • Why it’s so hard to share our struggles
  • What James and Paul say about messing up
  • What healthy accountability looks like
  • How to help others rise strong

Question: Have you experienced judgement in accountability and relationships?  Have you had positive experiences?


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