265 | How To Identify What’s Holding Your Business Back

What’s Holding (You)r Business Back?

Next week I’m going to take 4 days and guide a leadership team through a StratPlan. You’ve probably heard me talk about StratPlan on the podcast before – today we’re talking about what makes the companies that come through this event so successful: perspective.

Here’s what you’ll discover on today’s episode:

  • How our Western cultural mindset holds us back
  • Signs you’re not gaining perspective
  • How to “tax the collective intelligence”
  • How Eastern cultures solve problems
  • Leadership assumptions that keep us from good decision-making

Listen here:

Gain quality perspective, folks. Stop holding your business, and your leadership back. If you’re at a place where you and your team are ready to grow, and you can commit to walking out the plan that will bring you potential millions in unseen revenue + show you how to stop doing the things that are holding the business back… Then go here: StratPlan

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