188 | How to Lead in a Change-Resistant Culture

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“You’re going to have to come up with their ideas.”

Ever felt like fixing bad culture in a business is an uphill, almost impossible, battle? It is when there are cynics and naysayers resisting change. I was talking with Jim Collins years ago, and his definition of a cynic is…

A hopeful person who’s tired of being let down.

On today’s podcast we talk about how to deal with cynicism in your culture and turn it around. Listen here:

Here’s what you’ll discover on today’s episode:

  • How to lead in a change-resistant culture
  • How to motivate employees when your supervisor has lost hope
  • The right questions to break your team’s negative mindset
  • How to implement change when the leadership team is stagnant
  • The questions you have to ask to fix a broken culture
  • The best approach to combatting cynicism in a leadership team
  • How to cut through bureaucracy to reach a solution
  • How to unite leadership teams and third parties, get them “on the same page”
  • The process of setting goals with multiple areas in your business


If you want to be on the show and have your question answered by me, it’s easy to do now. Get on the schedule .

If you want to be on the show and have your question answered by me, it’s easy to do now. Get on the schedule here.


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Inc. Magazine brought me in to do a talk specifically on this topic. I gave them five things every business must understand about creating culture.

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I’ll send you a free audio lesson on each component of creating a healthy team culture:

  • Force It: How to force good culture instead of bad culture being forced on you.
  • Teach It: How to teach what good culture looks like. If you’re not the one setting culture standards, than somebody else is doing it for you and believe me, bad culture spreads like wildfire.
  • Recognize It: People do what they’re recognized for. How to create a culture that attracts champions.
  • Attack It: Got gossip? Are employees showing up late? How to be proactive and attack the bad culture.
  • Repeat It: To create great culture, you have to repeat it over and over. Here’s how.

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