209 | How To Lead Yourself, Starting with Mindset

On this episode of The Chris LoCurto Show, we’re covering a lot of ground… and it all centers on how to lead yourself. We’re covering this topic with best-selling author, speaker, life coach, marathon runner, and host of the fantastic podcast, Life Is A Marathon: Bruce Van Horn. Bruce is not only an inspiring coach, but he is also a friend of mine.

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“Your personal life and your business life are intertwined… who you are directly impacts what you do in business.”

Your success in leadership starts with growing you, and it starts with what you’re telling yourself right now. Bruce and I dive into what it he calls, “ReStorying,” for individuals and leaders.

We’re constantly narrating a story in our lives.

E + R = O

[Event] + [Response] = [Outcomes]

It’s not the events of our lives which determine outcomes… it’s the responses to those events. And we tell ourselves stories around these events.

It’s so easy to play the victim. But it takes strength and courage to look at the same event, and tell the truth in a way that moves us forward.

In this episode we walk through ReStorying… here’s some of what we cover:

  • How story shows up in business, leadership, and decision-making
  • What ReStorying has to do with casting vision
  • How to inspire others
  • How to train your mind against negativity and criticism
  • How to build positive experiences into your life
  • The steps to overcoming the hardships you’ve experience
  • How ReStorying helps our focus as leaders



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