117 | How To Make Better Decisions

There’s over 20,000 Google searches each month for phrases dealing with making decisions.

Here’s a few examples of searches:

  • How to make a decision
  • Decision making skills
  • Making good choices
  • Effective decision making

Obviously, people need some help with making decisions. Or making the “right” decision.  It feels like there’s a fear of making the wrong decision.

Today we’re discussing how to ask better questions and how to make better decisions.

And the information that’s out there as resources for making decisions is boarder line insulting; “write your decision down on a piece of paper, think about each option…”.  Seriously?!

No one searches for “how do I make a wrong decision?”.

Here’s what I’ve found is usually the issue with people who struggle to make decisions or folks who worry about making the right decisions: Root System. (surprise, surprise)

Once you know how your Root System influences your decision making, you can move on to processing and analyzing your decisions in a healthy way.

This will become second nature and you will begin to trust yourself more.

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  1. I realized I highly appreciate input from others as well, to help me make decisions. Its so hard to find good people. Thank you for episode.

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