171 | How To Move Forward When You Feel Stuck

What do you do when you feel stuck?

I am all about solving problems, fixing things, getting my hands dirty, and discovering the why behind the what…but what do you do when you feel stuck?

Today on the podcast, we hear from Jill, who is struggling with just that.

“Hi Chris, my name is Jill, I’m 45, I am not married, never married, no kids and have found myself in a situation where I am not working, I’ve been looking for a job since November, I moved across the country two years ago and still am not connected at all. 

I did that because I felt that’s what the Lord was asking me to do, but I know that I’m extremely closed down and I have a business, I’m an AdvoCare independent distributor, have been since 2002 and can’t seem to get myself to do that business and it’s all about not having a belief in myself. 

I hear on your podcasts about LifePlan (today this is called Next-Level Life) and agree that that’s exactly what I need to do but I found myself having zero money, no ability to get to it and honestly I don’t know what to do anymore. I‘m extremely unhappy and that’s not the kind of person I am, so any hope as far as advice or action plan would be very, very welcome.

Thanks Chris, I love everything you do.”

Wow! I know that there are a lot of people right now that can relate to Jill’s question.

Listen in to hear how to move forward. Here’s what I unpack:

  • The God Factor – It’s in God that we get the answers and the direction.
  • Isolation – it is amazing what happens when you are isolated and you’re left to your own thoughts which tend to contain some level of lies or some broken belief systems.
  • Community – There are 2 aspects to the community. Having it, having people around you to keep you from being isolated in your own thoughts. It’s also a community of people that are sharing the same experience. When you have that community of people sharing the same experience, growth happens.
  • Understand Your Root System  – When you gain perspective on your Root System, you can see how and why you make decisions the way you do. You can identify what training or beliefs are there that aren’t healthy and hold you back. When you understand why you make decisions the way you do, you can change them.
  • Depression – Do the things that refuel you, whatever that is.
  • Diet & Exercise – Get sugar as far away from you as you can, and get your body moving!

Take the next step and understand your Root System:

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1 thought on “171 | How To Move Forward When You Feel Stuck”

  1. Wow! Fantastic counsel! I loved every word! Totally spot on and correct. Especially the counsel to turn to God. We are all God’s children, and sometimes I think about how much I love my own kids, and how I, as an imperfect father love my kids so much more perfectly does our Heavenly Father, a Perfect God, a perfect Father… how much more perfectly is He able to love and help all of His children who turn to Him for help? There is no better place to turn than to God!
    I so love when people like Chris go above and beyond to help those who are struggling, instead of just serving those who have the money to pay for their services. I think that shows the great character and what a great company Chris and his team truly are! I had a thought that part of what could also be helpful for anyone who is struggling like Jill, is there are a very large quantity of Podcasts by Chris and other great members of his team, found on their Company Web site, chrislocurto.com, and listening to those podcasts every day can be very helpful, uplifting and empowering too! I listen to atleast 1-2 of them every day and write in my journal any thoughts I have about what I can do differently to make my life better, following the counsel Chris gives. It is always uplifting for me. I think it would be for others listening too! 🙂

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