220 | How To Overcome Your Fear (And Its Root Cause)

Fear controls. Fear can keep you from living a great life, loving well, and changing peoples lives. It’s the thing that says: “You can’t do this,” “You’re not good enough,” “Believe what other people have said about who you are.”

Fear controls… it wants you to lose your strength, and courage. Fear wants you to believe that you are incapable, that you aren’t worthy, that you aren’t good enough.

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Overcome Your Fear

Don’t let fear hold you back from the thing that is going to make you stronger! Don’t let it hold you back from being your authentic self, who God created you to be.

Punch it right in the nose.

Understand that, as long as fear controls you, you aren’t YOU.

Discover how to look fear in the face, and overcome its root cause for good.
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  • What fear is [0:50]
  • How fear immobilizes you, in the most hidden ways [1:13]
  • The paradigm shift that drives out fear [6:19]
  • What fear wants you to believe [12:11]
  • Exercises you can do right now to overcome fear [13:30]

God knew 1,000 years ago you would be right where you are right now, if you’re ready to take the next step and punch fear in the face for good, click here: Next-Level Life.

Fear is something we all experience... and sometimes it even controls and limits us. But we don't have to let it! There is a method to overcome your fear!

Question: How have you faced fear head on?

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