231 | How To Stop Feeling Responsible For Others

On this episode, the 5 Steps to Stop Feeling Responsible For Others:

  • The 5 steps to stop feeling responsible for others (and the action items for each step)
  • Why and how people become people pleasers
  • The negative effects of people pleasing on your health and relationships

People pleasers take “feeling responsible for others” to an extreme.

People pleasers are concerned about the feelings of others, and bare the responsibility for it… they’re constantly trying to make everyone happy, and they feel responsible when someone isn’t.

They rarely, if ever, say “no,” and you can always count on them for a favor… they spend a great deal of time doing things for other people… they get their work done, help others with their work, make all the plans, and are always there for family members and friends.

A people pleaser is one of the nicest and most helpful people you know.

So far, feeling responsible for others (and people-pleasing) sounds like a good thing, right?

What many people pleasers don’t realize is feeling responsible for others, and people-pleasing, can have serious risks!!

The 5 Steps to Stop Feeling Responsible for Others:

  1. Your self-worth is NOT in what people think!
    • Your worth comes from God, and He is the only one who can give you worth.
  2. Learn to recognize toxic behavior so you can work to not allow it to impact you!
    • Look for the Fruits of the Spirit in people, and surround yourself with those people.
  3. Put healthy boundaries in place with toxic people!
    • Learn to tell toxic people “No.”
  4. Stop trying to “help” people (especially toxic people)!
    • When you want to help someone, ask them questions… stop trying to give advice.
  5. Remember that YOUR emotional health matters!
    • Have balance when you’re serving others, and make sure you’re not over-extending yourself.

Be sure to listen-in for the details behind each of these steps!

You must learn how to stop feeling responsible for others if you want a fulfilling life. Chris LoCurto and Next-Level Life can help you do this.

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