123 | How You Can Stop Procrastinating Right Now


We all procrastinate in some way. It effects each of us in… “unique” ways.
The way I have been able to overcome procrastination is through a concious effort to fight it.
All day err’y day.
I want to shed some light on the reality of procrastination.
The day to day wood shed of fighting against it.
Here’s my journey with fighting procrastination…
Here’s what I want you to understand…
When you give in to procrastination you are sacrificing your long term pleasure/health/goal for short term pleasure/temporary satisfaction.
Now why would anyone do something like this?
There is a long list of reasons why people procrastinate including:
  • Fear
    • Fear of failure
    • Fear of what others think
    • Fear of being defined by failures
    • Fear of proving the negative voices in your life to be correct
    • Fear of being not good enough
    • Fear of pain
      • Most likely you associate that thing you are avoiding with pain instead of pleasure. It may be painful but…you know you should do it – that’s why you’re procrastinating. You naturally hate pain. We avoid it at all costs. Even to the extend of sacrificing our long term health for temporary pleasure.
  • Perfectionism
    • If I can’t to it perfectly, I shouldn’t do it
  • Guilt
    • I don’t deserve to be able to do this
    • I’ll be selfish if I take care of me
    • It’s my responsibility to put other first
  • Lack of motivation
    • What is this going to do for me?
    • How can this benefit me?
    • I don’t have enough information
    • I don’t know if I’ll get the return for the investment
There is another thing, busyness. When you find everything in the world to do, other than the important things that might actually change your life and get you to a happier and healthier place.

Check out the podcast today and let me know what you think God is calling you to do.


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3 thoughts on “123 | How You Can Stop Procrastinating Right Now”

  1. MUCH better on the audio guys. I got the full experience and passion from the words of Chris. It quality wise I thought I was listening to Chris back on the EntreLeadership Podcast, but content wise, it felt more like I was sitting on God’s lap. Love it. Thanks for the word today Chris it hit home for me. Got something cooking up in my ministry.

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