How to Transform Your Health [Podcast]

How to transform your health

Today’s special edition of The Chris LoCurto Show is crazy inspiring!

You know that I don’t just want you to learn about leadership. Leadership is not enough.
You have to be well rounded in your life. That’s why we talk about how to take care of your business, your team, your family, and you!

That’s why I’m pumped to have THE PALEOCHEF – Mary Shenouda, on the show today.
You may remember us talking about the incredible Unicorn Fuel coffee a few episodes back.
Well, Mary is the creator of that gem! Her instagram will make your mouth water.

In this incredible episode you will learn:

  • How to get started towards a healthier you
  • Why you can’t always trust the doctors
  • Paleo vs. PaleoYou
  • The truth about gluten & sugar
  • Why Mary doesn’t believe in cheat days
  • What you need to know about leaky gut
  • Why Good Fat makes you PHAT!
  • And a TON more!

Here are some of the links Mary references on the show:

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Mary Shenouda –
Her awesome instragram: @paleochef


Question: What was your biggest take away from Mary?




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29 thoughts on “How to Transform Your Health [Podcast]”

  1. Oh. Biggest takeaway: She made the comment that successful people do things to become successful in all areas of their life- including improving their health. Reminded me of your “Wheel of Life” post.

  2. This was a fun episode to record.
    Biggest take away for me was the Leaky Gut info. I’m definitely reevaluating the food I eat.

    @arendaniels:disqus I dig that quote too!

  3. I love her overall approach to health through all aspects of living, but I had no idea that gluten was tied to leaky gut in that way…I have been adjusting how I eat for a couple days now so this was perfect timing, looking forward to trying some of her recipes.

  4. This one hits home for us. Our middle daughter has the celiac gene marker as well as several other food allergies (soy and egg being the biggies). We have really worked on focusing on what we eat and were amazed at some of the junk we were putting into our bodies. Since changing our diets all of us have been much more healthy and just overall feel better. Looking forward to learning more from Mary’s website.

  5. I’ve been looking into gluten free diets because my gut has some fun problems, not as bad as some other people’s but definitely a bother. So this comes at a great time! Before diving head first, do you have any resources I can read/watch to learn about Paleo and some of these diet-related issues? My wife is a nurse so it would be helpful for both of us to have some more understanding before diving in!

    Loved the show! This episode was fun!

  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you for that podcast Chris and Mary. That came at a great time we are try about especially for one children has trouble with gluten.

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