190 | How To Turn a Church “Buzz Word” into a Successful Mindset

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“Doing your work as unto the Lord…” how to turn a church buzz word into a successful mindset.

TODAY our conversation is centered around the #1 thing I have done in my life as far as growing a business and work. Our first caller asks, 

“Professionally, how do I get a game plan to go to the next level and become a top performer in my field, and also be able to spot business opportunities.”

Here’s a taste of what we talk about:

  • Doing your work as unto the Lord: how to turn this from a church “buzz word” into a successful mindset
  • The one factor that overrides a growth mindset, financial planning, and diversification
  • The big “difference maker” between career fulfillment and failed events
  • Where society’s concept of “hustle” is greatly lacking

Then we dive into setting culture:

  • How to motivate team members to complete tasks
  • How to successfully bring on new hires (to get work done you need them to get)
  • You have to force the culture that you want, or other people will force it for you.

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