Hurt People Hurt People [Podcast]

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! For some of you, it’s a fantastic time of year. For others (and quite possibly people on your team), this whole holiday season is difficult.

There are people around you that may be hurting right now and lashing out. In fact, you may be one of those hurt people hurting other people. You can only take responsibility for yourself but take the responsibility. Be aware of those around you and understand that especially during this time of year, emotions are high.

“When you can’t fix yourself, you’re frustrated with the broken people in your life.” (tweet this)

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If you want to dig deeper into the information I shared today, check out my 2-day coaching event on gaining perspective from your past and creating a LifePlan for your future. I also highly recommend Dr. Henry Cloud’s exceptional book:

Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life

Be sure to download the single, “Naughty List,” featured at the end of today’s podcast! Our very own Melissa co-wrote the song and is in a fantastic big band jazz trio called The North Pole Patrol. It’ll definitely get you in the Christmas spirit!

Question: What steps are you going to take to fix YOU?


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14 thoughts on “Hurt People Hurt People [Podcast]”

  1. The first step is to figure out what’s broken.
    The pre-first step is to find a block of quietness to work on that step.
    Any plans on making your LifePlan an e-course?

      1. Location is my problem. As a business owner, a one-day version would work better with my schedule. But as a rural Kansas resident, making the trip would be the tough part. The closest major airport is a 4 hour drive. (My county has more cows than people and not a single stop light.)

  2. Your Right it can be hard for a lot of people Vets are one group that this season hits really hard, if you know a young Vet just trying to include them or reaching out don’t give up on them.. We have over 22 Suicides a month.. So if you haven’t seen or heard from someone especially if you know they have PTSD or have had a TBI please reach out.

  3. Great topic, Chris!

    My wife listened with our boys and talked about how this might apply to other kids teasing or being mean and how we can empathize with their hidden hurts and give grace.

  4. DUDE! You were speaking right to me! I was there at one time. I mean I wasn’t hurting other people. I KNEW how to throw on “the mask” and “be nice” while gritting my teeth! BUT I was abdicating certain responsibilities that I thought to be harmless to others because I was caring for my self. I had a high value on God and His people, but my own self worth was horrible. I translated “Love God and love others as self” to mean, “Love God and love others”. There was not “love self” in that tri-equation. So people were coming to me like, “You are helping the whole world out, but look at you. You’re like a turtle in a hermit after you do ministry or do business. You go right back into your little rat hole.” So it took me a Looooooong time to balance loving God, loving others and LOVING ME.” Thanks for this one Chris! I needed that!

  5. Chris – totally SPOT ON podcast. Personally, it brought back some scenarios where I acted out due to the situation(s) I was in and took it out on those around me, namely my wife and children when they were at home. HOWEVER….God has had the RESURRECTION process going on in me for some time…and I am at a minimum more aware and taking progressive steps toward restoration.
    The podcast also will be passed onto someone I love dearly….and very much could benefit from the information….thanks….Bruce

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