Implementation Of EntreLeadership Lessons

Recently, we hosted a conference call for our EntreLeadership Master Series San Antonio graduates. It was one piece of a nine-step implementation process that helps kick start what they learned at the week-long event.

The call was designed to share big takeaways from fellow EntreLeadership alumni and inspire the new group. We also took some questions from the callers. All in all, it was a great way of spending a short amount of time sharing vital information.

Some of the implementation takeaways that the alumni shared included:

  • Dr. Josh Axe, Wellness Physician — The importance of getting the whole team functioning with KRAs (Key Result Areas). A KRA is a list of the tasks a team member does each day to win. Whatever is expected of that team member must be in writing and discussed, so the team member and the leader(s) never have to wonder why something isn’t getting done. Josh explained that before KRAs, his team was in chaos. Afterwards, everyone was on the same page and operating at high capacity.
  • Mike Disbrow, Ramm Fence Systems — The importance of understanding your client. Mike sells what’s considered to be a luxury item. Before the economy dropped, he targeted middle class customers. After it bombed, so did the sell of his luxury item. Instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen, he got on the phone and called all of his high-end clients to see why they did or didn’t buy from him. He discovered a greater base with the high-end clients by creating a product that they needed.
  • Bryan Currier, Advantage Technologies — The importance of being debt-free. Bryan’s company had a huge change in their cash position. Because of it, his whole team agreed to suspend their profit sharing until the company could get debt-free, with a set amount of cash reserves. Bryan put together a campaign for the team and cast a vision for completion in 28 months. His team then began coming up with ideas to help the process along. They completed the campaign in 10 months—18 months early!! The next month, Bryan paid out the entire company’s profit to the team.
  • David Branch, Branch Contractors — The importance of team unity. David attended EntreLeadership in Cancun, Mexico, a couple of years ago. He was concerned that his team only worked out of fear or the need of a job. He then decided to bring three team members to my EntreLeadership Master Series event in Nashville. They were blown away with the information. He then figured that instead of trying to teach the rest of his team, he would bring them and the Nashville alumni back to my event. I challenged the team with one question: If you weren’t in this industry, what could you, as a team, be successful doing? From that point, David’s team has been on fire. They come to him with ideas on a consistent basis and are excited about the work they are doing.

From my point of view, the call was awesome. There were four very powerful interactions with alumni who have done an incredible job with their EntreLeadership implementation.

Question: What do you take away from any of these amazing leaders?




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19 thoughts on “Implementation Of EntreLeadership Lessons”

  1. Bryan’s story is incredible. I can only imagine the unity that was created going through the situation as a team and then being rewarded as they were. That’s a great case study to share around.

  2. I’m enjoying making my way through the EntreLeadership podcasts right now while I commute. (Interestingly enough, I found about the podcast from your blog and not the other way around!)
    I was struck by David’s emphasis on team unity. That’s something that I’ve really taken to heart. I really liked the podcast on recognition. The idea of just looking for people who are doing good and then going out of your way to recognize them – that’s really such a simple thing but so powerful. I don’t know why that never occurred to me before, but that’s #1 on my list to implement right now.
    Thanks for all the info on here and in the podcast, Chris!

  3. I’ve always wondered what the follow up questions, clarifications requested and results of implementation were after the events. Thanks for some behind the curtain results.

  4. Businesses functioning within debt kills businesses wherever you look at. Bryan’s sprint out of debt is amazing. I believe that after this move, the unity in his team got to a level he never imagined exists. Additionally, I strongly believe that the turnover rate in his company went down after such a big success for one side, and such a generosity from Bryan’s side.

    Thanks for sharing these summaries with us.

  5. They are all incredible stories, but David’s story is interesting. He was afraid his team members worked out of fear of the need for a job, but now they are on fire. There are a lot of people like this, and as a leader when you are so busy with other things, this may end up being overlooked. I love that he recognised the fact, did something about it, and as they say the rest is history.

  6. My pick would be the importance of team unity. This is a great proposition to achieve.

    As Henry Ford once quipped, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” I dream towards achieving this reality in my team.

  7. Keeping in touch with some of the attendees from the EntreLeadership event that I participated in Cancun, Mexico November 2009 has been one of my biggest keys at staying motivated and implementing things I learned, on top of the continual feedback of ways to improve and be better! There are moments that I long for EntreLeadership Coaching, and these are the times when I dig back out my materials, read over my highlighted notes, get inspired by the nuggets of my week long course, and remember that God has a plan and I must let Him lead me. I love hearing about what someone else felt was their nugget, what they changed, how they changed it and the impact it brought to the table. All of us face different challenges, but the processes are the same. When we focus on making those changes and being diligent about it, we will see the results. Thanks for sharing! I want to support all the EntreLeaders out there. Keep up the good work!

  8. I am so inspired from these leaders’ stories and by everything I’ve learned from reading Entreleadership and listening to the podcast. I’ve listened on the way to and from work and my family gets nervous when I say I have to share something I heard in the podcast; they know I’ll go on and on for a while. I can’t imagine why in the world businesses and companies don’t ” get” this! Same as the principles for Financial Peace. everyone should listen to this and go “D ‘uh! why didn’t I learn about this before??!”

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