261 | Inside Next-Level Life: Why You’re Not Where You Want To Be

On this episode of The Chris LoCurto Show, we’re diving inside Next-Level Life, and talking why you’re not where you want to be in life.

We’re talking about how to get better results, and life change. There’s no magic pill. We discussed this with a phenomenal guy: Tim Watson— a dad, a husband, and a leader.

“I cannot even fathom how dark [my] relationships would be at this point without Next-Level Life.”

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More About Tim 

Tim is the owner and President of Watson Engineering, a geotechnical engineering and surveying firm in Utah… there is so much they do that blows my mind — an amazing company with great leadership.

Tim has been through Next-Level Life (twice), StratPlan (twice) and is in our Next-Level Mastermind Program. Today we’re talking about life and business and how to get different results, as well as a stronger and better life.

“If I hadn’t come through… I would be doing the exact same thing my father did. I don’t know if my kids would want to have a relationship with me.

“Things could have imploded. I was on a self-destructive course at that time with my relationships with my wife and my kids, even relationships with my clients and team.

“And I didn’t even know.

“Since Next-Level Life, I have taken up dirt bike riding with my kids. I have taken up hockey. We spend quality time together. We do it as a family… It’s absolutely amazing. I cannot even fathom how dark those relationships would be at this point without Next-Level Life.”

Here’s what you can do this week to figure out why you’re not where you want to be in life:
Learn more about Next-Level Life. Talk to us and see if it’s going to be an incredible fit for YOU.
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