Interview With Reid Hoffman

Today I head into the studio to interview the Co-founder and Chairman of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman.

If you would like me to ask Reid a question about LinkedIn or leadership, leave me a comment. I will try to get to your question, as well as mention you.



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Chris has a heart for changing lives by helping people discover the life and business they really want.

Decades of personal and leadership development experience, as well as running multi-million dollar businesses, has made him an expert in life and business coaching. personality types, and communication styles.

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21 thoughts on “Interview With Reid Hoffman”

  1. I think linkedin is awesome, and this is perfect timing. Yesterday a competitor tried to friend me. We don’t speak outside of industry related deals, would you friend them? I am not sure on this one b/c then they have access to your contacts and clients? On the flip side you get access to there contacts and if you are tweeting and posting to linkedin, perhaps if they screw up, you might be viewed as superior and given a shot as well. Also, I feel like a stalker when I look up people I may want to do business with, so I automatically friend request them. Do you have any suggestions? Salesforce is calling me today, to get my linkedin set up correctly, so excited, you have an awesome product!

  2. This is awesome! I have a question I’m sure many entrepreneurs would love his answer to. What are the top 3 ways for busy entrepreneurs to use Linkedin for marketing?

  3. Right now we can get very targeted and we dominate LinkedIn ads. Just curious what you foresee changing and how it will affect marketers, particularly privacy laws, recently passed or in the pipeline?

    Thanks Chris and Reid.

  4. My question is not specific to LinkedIn, but a general leadership question. I have worked in the IT industry for over 25 years, but have only been in a leadership position for a few years. How do you make the transition from doing to leading? I struggle with making sure my team is doing what they need to be doing without micro-managing.

  5. I am new to LinkedIn, and haven’t been able to do too much with it yet. (Just took a break to go to LinkedIn…back) Almost done with completing my profile (at 90% according to the bar). Being new and not having worked around it much, here’s my question: “What makes LinkedIn different/better than other social media, such as Facebook and Twitter?”

  6. What would Reid say to those (like myself) who feel LInkedIn is primarily for people who are looking for a job? I’ve tried to be interested in it, but usually the interactions I have there are centered around building up an online resume (“please write me a review”, etc). As a business owner, I’m not interested in that for myself, though I can see the value from a recruiting standpoint. Why should I add linked in to my daily dose of social interaction (Twitter, Facebook, G+)?

  7. I’m a huge LinkedIn fan and have used it primarily to establish connections when looking for work. It has also been a great tool to stay in touch with former coworkers. How can I take better advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer to grow business relationships now that I have “landed the job”?

  8. I do not use LinkedIn, but have heard it referenced as a job-finding tool. What types of people/businesses doesLinkedIn work best for?

  9. Love LinkedIn, but still definitely in a learning curve on how best to
    use it.

    My question (2 parts): should you focus on linking with people in your
    own industry or different industries? And if different, are they just
    those that you believe are cross-functional or does that matter?

    Thanks for the opportunity to learn more!

  10. I downloaded Google Chrome and FINALLY I can see the comments again!! Missed hearing everyone’s remarks. Now I have to find how to get a photo of me instead of my artwork as my little symbol.
    Looking forward to listening to the interview, because I have lots of questions about the point of LinkedIn, especially since I am not job hunting.

    After this, perhaps Chris can find someone to explain what to do with Google+. . .

  11. The owner of our company just got on LinkedIn and was amazed at the connections he found! I think there is so much I don’t know about LinkedIn – I will be excited to hear the interview.

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