380 | Interview with Tom Bradford about our current times

There is no doubt that things are a wee bit crazy in our world right now! Whether you agree with the chaos or not, there’s one thing for certain, we’re all affected by it. From fear and struggle in the workplace, to fear and constant adjusting in the family. And where do we see God in all this?
This is great stuff we’re diving into today with our guest Tom Bradford.
Two years ago, my leadership team and I went to Israel to walk where our Savior walked! a few days in and we all felt the pull to obey in understanding Him. After our trip, I was on a mission of discovery to know my God in the way He wants us to know Him. It has been nothing but wonderful, while at times, challenging. During my research, I began to find ways to read the scripture in the lens of the Eastern World, bringing me to Tom Bradford’s Torah Class
Tom is a former Fortune 500 corporate senior executive who retired early in life when the Lord inspired Tom with a consuming passion for Israel and the Holy Scriptures. He spent several years in intense Scripture study, being mentored by Jewish Torah scholars and Christian academics, has poured over countless volumes of works of the great Hebrew sages and Rabbis and the learned Christian Scholars (ancient and modern). His formal university education began with a study in Archeology and Egyptology before becoming a Business major, which propelled his former career in the Hi-Tech field. He is the founder Seed of Abraham Ministries as well as TorahClass.com. On top of all this, Tom has been a virtual mentor of mine for a long time now.

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