40 | Key Results Areas and Your Questions Answered

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We’ve received several questions related to Key Results Areas – KRA. Today we’re digging into the topic on the Chris LoCurto Show and answering your specific questions!

A KRA is a job descriptions on steroids. They’re created to show the person performing the job what winning looks like. The KRA should outline three to six major areas, with four to five bullets under each area drilling down on specific tasks. To review sample KRA’s, check out this post: How to Create a Key Results Area In this episode I’ll be answering your key results area specific questions, like:

  • How to incorporate company vales into KRAs
  • How to use a KRA during a performance review
  • How to adapt a KRA for coaches and athletes

The major goal of a key results area is to improve communication. When a new hire is made and the job description is under communicated, both the leader and the employee are frustrated. Neither party understand what the other is supposed to be doing. Neither party understand what winning looks like. If you don’t have KRA’s in your business, start today!

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9 thoughts on “40 | Key Results Areas and Your Questions Answered”

  1. Chris, great information (as always)! Thanks for taking time to respond to my specific questions.

    Good information on tithing, too. Definitely looking forward to hearing Rabbi Lapin on your show. He’s amazing.

    P.S. “TRUP-key” 🙂

  2. Chris, Thanks for answering my question, especially with such detail. It was good to hear confirmation that I should be developing myself, hopefully with team leader support. This is good advice for both my girlfriend and myself. Thank you.

    Hearing you talk about developing myself reminded me of another Rabbi Lapin philosophy note- “Everyone is self employed”. Hopefully, a team leader will help develop you, but ultimately it is your responsibility to do the growing and serving.

    1. Great Chris, I’m glad you liked it! And you’re right, if you don’t look out for your growth, who will?

      I would for you guys to leave comment updates on how that goes. I believe it helps other readers as well.

  3. Chris, thank you for taking the time to answer my question about KRA’s for coaches and athletes! I’m actually going through a coaches development program and will sit down and write these out in the future for other coaches and athletes.

  4. i have been working for the past 20 years in design & build for corporate interior projects in India. i would like to make a resume with KRA for international exposure .

  5. hi cris.

    i have a incoming report this march 30 2015, and this is my first time to present with KRA because i just promoted as OIC in out team, twe are in sales, my compamy is telecom and we are targeting corporate accnt. how can i start my KRA with vAriance. Thank you.

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