Want to invest in your leaders without spending a lot of time and energy?

Often, our business owners and leaders want their top-level leaders to get the same information and training that they receive, but don't have the time and energy to teach, train, and equip them the way they want. Now, they don't have to worry about that. Our Key Leaders Program provides the tools, training, and accountability to help your top-level leaders succeed.

Raise Up Your Team To Greater Levels of Leadership

All business owners want to see their team succeed. They also want their top-level leaders, directors, and managers leading with excellence. Many times, though, they can't do this as well as they want because:

Happy diverse business people group negotiating business strategy at boardroom meeting table using laptop. Multicultural team discuss project developing financial research working together in office.
  • they don't have the time.

  • they don't have the energy.

  • they don't have the knowledge.

  • they don't know how to guide them to greater levels.

  • they don't know what steps to take.

The Key Leaders Program is designed to help leaders solve all of these issues.

The Key Leaders Program is a high-level group of secondary-level leaders (VPs, Directors, Managers, and more) that our team coaches on leadership and business success.


We provide a safe, private, and highly productive "brain trust" of like-minded leaders who are serious about growing their leadership, themselves, and their teams and are willing to share best practices, what's working, and other keys to their success.

Learn and Implement Healthy Accountability

We provide a structure for accountability and implementation of ideas and strategies around business and leadership, while also helping you achieve those ideas you know you should be doing, but can't seem to get completed.

Create Future

We give you exclusive, time-tested (and proven) strategies on business, leadership, sales, marketing, time management, and more as well as direct access to our coaching team and other resources to help you implement.

The Key Leaders Program is a practical and effective way to point your leadership skills toward success day after day, month after month, and year after year. There are no quick solutions, gimmicks, or shortcuts (and definitely no magic pills) in what we teach. But, we do provide your leaders with skills, knowledge, and leadership know-how that will help them to succeed.

Just a few of the businesses that utilize the Key Leaders Program

What's included in the Key Leaders Program?

A young business woman holding a presentation in a pleasant atmosphere at workplace and explaining the graph to her male colleague. Business, office, job
  • Twice a month online small group leadership calls (led by one of our coaches)
  • Monthly Live Q&A with our coaches
  • 15+ On-demand Leadership Lessons
  • Discounted registration for our Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event
  • Access to our coaches for help and advice

What clients are saying about the Key Leaders Program

"The Key Leaders Program has taught me how to gain perspective on a multitude of landscapes. This has allowed me to navigate the work/leadership balance that can be troublesome and turn it into a positive experience for my team AND me!"

- Monica Tarantino, Digital Marketing Manager, Consultwebs

"I look forward to our group discussions - it's a perfect way to reset and get inspired every few weeks. It's also very relatable having a coach on the call who is in the same role as we are and sharing first hand anecdotes and wisdom."

- Sarah Spangler, Sales Manager, Millcreek Manufacturing

"Being in the Key Leaders Program for over a year now has made a huge impact on my growth as a leader. I better understand my reactions and my reactions based on personality styles and have learned much better ways of communicating through this program. Our bi-weekly sessions allow us a space to work through specific issues we are having and get advice and guidance from others. I highly recommend this program to anyone in a leadership role."

- Sherri Trimble, Branch Operations Manager, Churchill Mortgage

"I highly recommend the Key Leaders Program for any business owner! It got the leadership team to talk the same language in the areas of team culture, conflict resolution, and time management. The initial focus on taming the whirlwind of daily tasks helped move my key personnel on a path to take control of their days and give themselves the space to grow into the leaders they are."

- Joe Lucas, CEO, Breiner Co., Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed for anyone that leads people and also has a leader/owner/president above them. Many of the conversations and topics are about leading your team to success, but also leading up to your leader. If you are a business owner or president, we recommend our Next-Level Mastermind Program for you.

You do NOT have to be in the Next-Level Mastermind to sign your leaders up for the Key Leaders Program. However, having both yourself and your leaders in a like-minded coaching program allows you to grow together in your knowledge and leadership ability. While it is not a requirement, we do recommend it.

The Key Leaders Program as mentioned above is $347/mo. per person and includes everything listed above. We do offer discounts for multiple team members joining from the same company. Contact us for more details.